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MechWarrior Online Articles

New Open Beta Trailer

To celebrate the grand arrival of the MechWarrior Online open beta, Piranha Games has released a brand new trailer to get fans pumped for the action. Check it out!

Open Beta Starting October 29th

Fans of MechWarrior Online will want to be sure to check in on Monday, October 29th when the open beta officially kicks off.

Founder's Program Raises $5M

Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games have announced that Founder's Program for MechWarrior Online has generated over $5M in pre-order sales. The team also reiterated that the open beta for MechWarrior Online will begin soon.

New Developer Post Addresses Community Concerns

The MechWarrior Online team has posted a new blog to address some of the concerns raised by the community. Among other things, the team announced that the open beta will be delayed for some time until issues can be revisited and that the team is listening and responding to the player base.

Open Beta Next Week

MechWarrior Online fans who have been clamoring to try out the new MMO will finally get their chance when the open beta begins next week. The Founder's Program ends on October 14th and the open beta will officially commence on October 16th.

Beta Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com and Infinite Game Publishing have partnered up to give out 3,000 keys to the MechWarrior Online beta. If you love the idea of giant machine-on-machine combat, you'll want grab yourself a key!

FPSGuru.com | Beta Key Give Away

Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing set us up with a grand total of 3,000 beta keys to give away for their upcoming title in the MechWarrior franchise, MechWarrior Online. To make things even more interesting, it's going to be Free to Play, so grab your key at FPSGuru.com!

River City Revealed

The MechWarrior Online team has released a new zone preview video. This time, River City stands in the spotlight. According to the dev team, River City is an ideal urban location for mechs of all flavors. Check it out!

The Hunchback

No, not that one. This Hunchback is a brawler from the upcoming MechWarrior Online and is a formidable opponent. According to the dev team, the Hunchback gives as good as it gets and is usually in the vanguard of any attack. Check out this video if you're not convinced!

Mech Lab for Customization Detailed

The MechWarrior Online team has published a new video developer diary to show off the customization options that players will be able to control during the game. Devs also give some hints about weapons, which ones to use and whith which Mechs. It's a great watch so check it out!

100 Ton Atlas Spotlighted

The MechWarrior Online team has released a new video and information about the 100 ton behemoth, The Atlas. Slow moving but packing a deadly punch, the Atlas has an impressive array of weapons at its disposal. Just see for yourself.

Jenner Mech Revealed

A new Mech has been revealed as part of the Mech Warrior Online Founders' Program. Called the "Jenner", this is a light, quick and agile mech with four lasers and a medium range missile capacity designed to take out larger mechs. The dev team has released a terrific new trailer to check out the Jenner.

Piranha Games Unveils 'Caustic Valley' in New Trailer

While a variety of mechs are obviously important to a game like MechWarrior Online, it's almost equally important that there be a variety of environments to do battle in. To that end, the folks at Piranha Games have put out a new video showcasing the game's Caustic Valley environment, a mineral rich and super-hot environment, the latter being quite significant as managing heat is an integral part of gameplay.

Centurion Mech Revealed in New Video

The medium-weight Centurion mech has been revealed in a new video published by Piranha Games, the folks behind MechWarrior Online, the upcoming free-to-play MMO based on the long-running MechWarrior game series.

Dynamic Weather Events & the Frozen City

The MechWarrior Online team has released another new video to show off both the Frozen City locale as well as the dynamic weather events and how they will impact game play. Enjoy!