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MechWarrior Online Articles

Piranha Rebrands With MechWarrior Online: Legends, New Legendary BattleMechs and More in 2023

MechWarrior Online has entered its next phase with a rebrand to MechWarrior Online: Legends. Piranha Games made the update with its latest patch, which introduces new Legendary BattleMechs, along with a new mini battle pass system, some new modemaps, and much more.

Enad Global 7 Looks to Acquire Developer Behind Mechwarrior Online, Piranha Games Inc.

Enad Global 7 has made a few moves recently with the acquisition of not just Pranha Games Inc. but also Big Blue Bubble. The press release indicates that the acquisition agreements are meant to follow their strategy to "perform complementary acquisitions to establish a stronger industry position."

New Solaris Arena Combat Expansion Released

MechWarrior Online has been updated with a new content patch that brings the Solaris 7 game mode on board. Solaris provides both 1v1 and 2v2 arena-style game play that, according to devs, fits the BattleTech lore "in terms of gladiatorial combat". Players will be able to climb leader boards and find unique rewards that are not found in any other part of the game.

Faction Play Introduced in Large New Update

The MechWarrior Online team has posted an extensive look at the latest update to be applied to the game. Most notably, the patch brings Faction Play Clan Invasion into the game. Players will be able to take part in 4v4 scouting game mode, War Planning, Planetary Reinforcements and Advantages, as well as progress in the Career System, check out the Leaderboards and find new ways to earn Coffer Income.

Global Contestants to Vie for Share of $100k Purse

Beginning at the end of May, competitive MechWarrior Online players will be able to take part in the regional qualifying tournaments that pave the way to December's MechWarrior Online World Championships. Teams will be competing for a share of over $100k in prize money along the way.

MadFrencie on MechWarrior Online

In a new series of articles we plan to showcase here at MMORPG.com, our member MadFrenchie pens his thoughts on MechWarrior Online as it stands now, compared to how it fared at launch. We’re calling the series “The Player’s Perspective”, and hope you like this inaugural column. If you have an idea for another, please let Bill know via PMs on the forums!

Piranha's Russ Bullock on the Biggest Update Yet

But as someone who never really took the time to pay much attention to Mechwarrior Online and the much larger Battletech universe, the highlight of my evening was sitting down and talking with Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games. If one person would be able to convince me that Mechwarrior Online was a game worth playing, surely this man would be the one.

Steam Launch Feels Like a New Chapter

Mechwarrior Online has had a long road to get to where it is today, and the mood of the Steam launch event—where almost 200 fans have gathered alongside Piranha Games staff—couldn't reflect that any better. On one hand, the evening feels like a celebration of the milestones that Mechwarrior Online has achieved to date.

$100K World Championship Announced + VR Support Coming

During last week's Steam launch event, Piranha Games announced that the road to the $100,000 MechWarrior Online World Championship will begin in Q1 2016. During the party, it was also announced, and folks were able to check out a playable demo, of the forthcoming MWO VR support that will put players inside the cockpit.

Steam Launch Day Ahoy!

MechWarriors! Ready, steady, GO! Piranha Studios has announced that MechWarrior Online is now available on Steam. To prepare for today, lots of big improvements have been made and the new "Faction Play" feature called Community Warfare is now part of the core game.

Headed to Steam on December 10th

Piranha Games has some great news for MechWarrior Online fans with the announcement that the game is headed to Steam next month. In fact, MWO fans are invited to try for one of 50 slots for a real world dinner with developers in Vancouver on launch day, December 10th, 2015.

EU Servers Come Online, Oceanic Servers Coming Soon

Piranha Games has announced that the EU server cluster for MechWarrior Online are now up and running in Strassbourg. Oceanic servers will be coming online in August. Servers were added to reduce ping lag to give MWO players a more competitive edge and the project was completed within just a couple of months.

Dev Vlog #12

Tina (Community Manager) sits down with Viona (Environmental Artist) and Ryan (Technical Artist) and discusses the River City improvements, destructible trees, and more!

The New Mechlab Heralds Major Changes

It’s been a while since we heard from MechWarrior Online and its developer Piranha Games. There’s a good reason for that. Since last year, Piranha took over sole-ownership of the game and its development and has been focusing hard on delivering a stream of updates asked for by its players. It’s been a difficulty five months or so, but now Piranha is ready to show off all of its hard work and unveil plans for its latest big update.

The New Mechlab and Community Warfare Beta 2 Trailer

Check out all the new stuff coming to MWO in this new trailer for Piranha Games' flagship fighter.