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N7 Day 2018 - What Does N7 Mean to You, Mass Effect Fan?

Today is N7 Day, the official day of celebration for the Mass Effect series. In this year's trailer, BioWare asks "What does N7 mean to you?" It provides a look back at some of the most beloved series' characters as well as wonders at the future of the series...something we hope comes sooner than later.

Ten Years of Mass Effect

Today is N7 Day, the annual celebration of the Mass Effect series. In honor of the 10th anniversary, BioWare has released a moving tribute to the game with interviews with key members of the development team and more. It's an emotional roller coaster, however, given the fact that the series is on an indefinite hiatus after a less-than-stellar reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Batarian Spotted in 'Prepare for Platinum' Teaser

Bioware has sent out a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda and multiplayer. Platinum difficulty will be added soon according to the video, but what is most interesting is that it closes with a Batarian, a race that was not present at all in the single player campaign.

Scoring a New Galaxy: The Music of Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Mass Effect Andromeda teams from Bioware and EA takes to the screen to show how they worked with John Paesano to create the unique sounds for the game. It's a wonderful peek behind the curtain.

 Official Sara Ryder Trailer

Bioware has released the second launch trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, this time featuring Sara Ryder.

Not So MMO - Mass Effect: Andromeda - First Impressions - TheHiveLeader

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the newest entry in the Mass Effect series from Bioware. Take on the role of the Pathfinder and head out to the far reaches of the galaxy. And who better to explore the universe and boink a bunch of space beings than TheHiveLeader?

Gameplay Series #1: Combat

Bioware is ready to kick off a series of videos to show off several of the game play elements that players will find in Mass Effect: Andromeda. MEA is set for release on March 21st. In this first video, viewers are treated to over five minutes of combat action.

Become The Pathfinder - 6 Recruits Headed to Astronaut Training

Electronic Arts has announced that six influential YouTubers have been chosen to head to the European Space Agency as part of the Mass Effect: Andromeda hype machine. These intrepid folks will be participating in training sessions to discover what it is to be an interstellar explorer.

Preorder Trailer + Itty Bitty Multiplayer - PS4

Bioware has released a new trailer to show off a bit of Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer and some information about the PlayStation 4 preorder bonuses. Check it out!

Unapologetically Peebee with Christine Lakin

The latest Bioware video features Mass Effect Andromeda's Christine Lakin, the voice actress behind one of Ryder's companions, PeeBee, an Asari with a goofy, off-the-wall personality. Check it out!