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Gazillion Entertainment
MMORPG | Setting:Super-Hero | Status:Cancelled  (est.rel 06/04/13)  | Pub:Gazillion Entertainment
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Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Fan Review Shortly After Launch
Disclaimer: The following article is the sole opinion of its author and does not represent in its thoughts or opinions. This is not an official editorial article.

edited July 26


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Marvel Heroes: 10/10

At long last! An online massive multiplayer game that grants a player some relief from the migraines offered by most gaming development juggernauts. I am not saying that Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios released a game that is “dumbed down” or easier for new inexperienced players; not at all. What I am expressing is that Marvel Heroes is a game made by the fans and for the fans of both online gaming and the Marvel universe. The thought out and well calculated detail present in this marvelous work of art create an atmosphere that truly encompasses the evolution of Marvel video games and Marvel comics culture. The development team has managed to stay true to the creators, stay true to the players, and stay true to the fantasy and mythology for the True Believers.

...gamers are meant to game together. Happy.

This game has all the components necessary to retain replay value and expand its fan base. The game sells every playable character and costume in order to make money, whilst the player is able to obtain and collect ever hero and costume in a unique parallel. In most games it is the gear and not the art that is idolized and scrutinized by everybody, ultimately creating a community of drones influenced by a style of game play originally designed with the intention of offering the player an opportunity to feel unique and individualized. When a “custom” player is forced into a player-promoted design every player has a negative physiological affect on their well-being. By players focusing on the invisible algorithms and numbers that influence an individuals strengths and powers that player ignores the escape from reality that they yearn for. Video games are an escape from trivial pursuit and many different types or artists pour their souls into creating something magical in a modern world. Games that focus on singular specifically geared characters, offer intentional avenues of game play, present no puzzle to stimulate the players minds, take hours out of the day away from families, and screen one another in order to participate in community events create negativity in a realm that is meant to be pure. In these games players pay their subscription or “due” in order to experience endgame content. What happened to the day of throwing quarters down on the corners of an arcade screen so that players can survive and collectively experience endgame? Those days have returned in Marvel Heroes. This game has incorporated survival exercises with the intended purpose of incorporating the VAST powers each separate hero possesses in order to collectively stay alive and earn the rewards together.

Websites with “Elite” players that tell a player how to play their class or hero create a destructive online community of gamers that banana the confidence of the individual. Whenever a player is forced to attribute skill points in a specific manor and stack specific attributes in order to be a valued member of the team the advance in the game meant to be an adventure becomes a chore. With Marvel Heroes each hero has such independent abilities that the classic role of Mage and Warrior have been redefined. With Marvel Heroes players are no longer paying to pursue the elite status of the gaming community but rather connecting with their community under a common pursuit to vanquish foes. This game is not a retake on World of Warcraft, Diablo, League of Legends, Street Fighter or Borderlands. Marvel Heroes is Marvel Heroes. Freely, each subscriber has the opportunity to excel in a world of wonder and allure where you represent a hero greater than your own fears. A conscious decision was made not to offer a custom character design because the legend behind Marvel's already imagined heroes holds so much tenacity! These strong feelings about the culture of games is why this game stands out. It is not trying to emulate any one game. It is its own design and it is beautiful.

In most games the designers suffer as the detail they put into the storyline and environment go unnoticed while a strong group of players become consumed with veteran status (elitist trolls). With the status of “Elite Gamer” comes a sense of entitlement and those players eventually become the thing that they hate. Every starting player to a new video game is excited to experience the world that they imagine to be better than the reality in which they live. When a player is then confronted with the same negativity in the gaming community that they experience in their ostracizing reality the game loses value. With the dedicated team at Marvel Heroes these players are empowered with a voice. In Marvel Heroes there exists guilds, local chat, group challenges and a wide level of experienced players. However, in Marvel Heroes there is no auction house, no emoticon in place to inspect players gear and no means to trade valuable items. The binding equipment and special items in Marvel Heroes are truly bound, and with that bind, the true value of the items are realized. Without any inflationary sense of monetary value the servers are left unpolluted and gamers are (mostly) communicating as a healthy gaming community. When I am in Limbo I know that the group moves as a pack. We never leave a fallen member behind because nobody is concerned with a player stealing from one another. Nobody is going to roll over me. We all have equal odds and we all have the same goal. We are united against the enemy and we all have our own reason why the Marvel mythology is bright and unique to us. The survival challenges in which the players share a limited number of lives is truly an original idea for a free-to-play game. Players must endure waves of enemies without dying in order to meet a shared chance at equal prizes.

When money is spent in the Marvel Heroes store the free subscribers are purchasing happy memories instead of hours of painful feelings of inadequacy. With the mythological incorporation of the movies, cartoons and comic book storytelling the player is able to understand the depth of the Marvel universe and represent whichever hero they desire. My cousin, who is seven years younger than me, relates to the mythology in the Amazing Spiderman and The New Avengers. Honestly I didn’t know much about the Avengers until the first Iron Man movie blew my mind. I'm a 90s X-Men Fan. Uncanny X-Men comics and Fleer Ultra cards all the way! Marvel Heroes is all about community. All works of art created by mankind are the collective soul of creativity which is what makes popular culture such a vibrant means of pleasure and persuasion.

The creators of this game should hold every hardcore gaming fan's respect as Diablo I & II are respected in such high regards. This game combines the soul of gaming and the soul of the mythology of Marvel Comics to save the souls of an entire generation. Remember the days when you would sit in your underwear with a bowl of cereal on Saturday morning and play video games. Remember NES and Sega Genesis? How close to our generation are video games? How have video games and comic books both transformed societies perception of the cool kid and the nerd? The idea that art has a soul or life is a true idea and an idea that does not get enough recognition. When an artists refers to creating something they are giving life to an idea. Video Games take the brightest young artistic minds and package something through industry...but more importantly and often forgotten, video games are elaborate works of art and the more soul that lives in the industry the better the games. Nintendo has been diligent in its response to media throughout the years. It protects the creations of its artists. No matter how much Super Mario or Zelda may grow, the paradigm of each creation remains the same. This is soul. Marvel Heroes is a game that is given to us like a newborn Phoenix. We as the players, we as fans, we as the voice and contributors can give this lovely bird a good life or a harsh and short one. Lets burn the candle long and nourish the gift.

From the beginning of video games Marvel has done amazing work for their fans. Stan Lee is a Sage. He knows how to keep his fans happy and how to evolve the industry. His willingness to explore new ideas and listen to the voices of every generation has helped in giving comic books such respect and recognition. DC comics and Marvel Comics might be in competition but they are both advocates for the culture of contemporary mythology.

Wait! No Auction House?

Is this a tragedy or a blessing?

Simply said, the lack of an auction house is a blessing. More often than not the free market economies created in these games cause more headache than entertainment. Watch the Season of Felicia Day's “The Guild” in which two rival guilds are creating “sanctuaries” and notice the negativity that surrounds the soulless pursuit of the fallacy that is in-game currency. The currency that a character generates within Marvel Heroes can be used to upgrade rare equipment into legendary equipment, create artifacts, craft portals, purchase gear or sanction a guild. What an awesome concept that the player is able to accumulate wealth at a steady pace and carefully spend it without having another player inflate the price of something as trivial as a Genome. It is also noteworthy to mention that the local chat (trade chat) is not polluted with false sharing sites trying to steal your account because without an auction house your account holds no value to anybody but yourself. That is how gaming is intended. In the classic Playstation game Final Fantasy VII a player is met with a challenge to gather every specific “Materia” in order to craft a “Master Materia.” How much nostalgic value would that game hold had a player been forced to sell the master materia in a desperate attempt to join a group in order to destroy the ultimate weapon? In Marvel Heroes the player can be their idol and ignore what others believe to be important about the mechanics of the game. Be gracious and generous when utilizing health globes and the entire team wins.

In Marvel Heroes we get a multitude of costumes and characters to hold beloved through time on a digital server for a free game. That is what you get. You get social political subtext and higher thinking for generations. The conversations between heroes in the game whilst idling (especially) in the voices of Deadpool are deliberate and well written. The player witnesses the 1960s talking to 2013, translating into the same message of peace. Our heroes fight the demons within us all. The gay player who is persecuted may find solace in playing a mutant that saves the world where a person suffering from a crippling duality can smash the world as The Incredible Hulk. This archetype of good versus evil is supposed to hold dear in our hearts and Marvel comics has always raised the bar for higher thinking when it comes to understanding the gray area in a world that can be black and white. We are meant to be Heroes. The heroes that we idealize represent the strong feelings of goodness that we have within us. If you need to play as Wolverine you can. Whether the player purchases their hero or patiently waits to obtain him they will be able to express themselves as that hero. They can slash and reflect and notice the subtle details while they transcend in a beautifully designed Marvel universe. Where other games are concerned with pleasing their negative critics by adding ways to banana your character of its privacy, generalizing a role and allowing players to pollute the trade chat with negative conversations Marvel Heroes listens to the good, the bad and the ugly but ultimately holds strong as a game that gives more than it gets.

How exciting is it to see Cyclops in his 90s costume from the Saturday morning show? How exciting is it to be in the savage land? Remember fighting them as a kid at the movie theater arcade? How exciting is it to see the film's costumes being respected alongside the comic costumes? It is an exciting time for the age of the nerd when, in an online community where no argument exists whether the film or comics are better, appreciation and love of every fan lives. Costumes and heroes are what should be charged in a game. The detail, discussion and hard work that is put into the art holds greater value than the color an icon in an equipment log holds. Gaming is meant as a leisure activity; it is not meant to be played all day every day trying to get one piece of gear. I can only assume that the algorithms in Marvel Heroes were devised by a genius who understands what David Brevik envisions. Even the website and forums and response team seem to understand the depth and beauty in this game. This game was made for Marvel Fans, it builds upon a concept present in the Marvel games that have been growing from The Avengers arcade game to X-Men Legends to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The fact that separate heroes from separate artistic minds that are all Marvel can all exist in a single universe is a concept that takes a lot of deliberating. I am excited to see this game evolve. I have never witnessed such loyalty to fans than I have witnessed in the tenacity of Marvel. Stan Lee and David Brevik are heroes for our time. When a character created in the 1960s can live on through the turmoil of the ages that character becomes a staple in culture. Marvel Heroes hold such integrity that their power can inspire goodness in everybody.

written and edited by Wilson Martinez (wraithharlequinn)


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