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Hands On Preview - Bringing the Wonderful World of Marvel to PS4

Yes, true believers it’s really happening! The folks over at Gazillion are bringing their popular F2P MMORPG, Marvel Heroes from the PC platform to the wonderful world of consoles in the form of Marvel Heroes Omega. Gazillion has been gracious enough to provide us with some hands-on time and a more detailed, in-depth look at what fans of the game and the Marvel Universe can expect from the upcoming title.

Black Bolt, Animation Canceling, Visual Updates, and More

Hot off the launch of Marvel Heroes’ “Biggest Update Ever” is yet another significant update to the game. The update, which quietly went up on Test Center yesterday, adds a new character to the roster, makes significant changes to the game’s animation systems, includes a slate of new visual updates, and more. Let’s review all that is coming to Marvel Heroes in the next patch.

Step into 2017 with the Biggest Update Ever

The biggest systems update ever for Marvel Heroes 2016 is about to land on the live servers this coming Thursday. The culmination of seven months of rigorous work, every single hero (of the 50+ in the game) is receiving a skills pass. The Omega system for end-game progression is being replaced by the Infinity system. Talents are coming to the game along with traits for each hero.

A Superheroic Summer

The Marvel Heroes team has been very candid about its rocky start and is hot on the trail of making the game improvements that need to be made. We recently had the opportunity for a round table discussion with Dave Brevik and the crew. Find out what's been done and what's coming next for super heroes the world 'round. Head to the comments to chat!

Gazillion's Super-heroic Plans

PAX East 2013 was a significant event for Gazillion Entertainment's Marvel Heroes. Read on for all the highlights! There was quite a bit of news from the show floor, so be sure to dig for a full recap.

A Deep Dive Into Marvel Heroes

Gazillion Entertainment's Marvel Heroes Online has been in beta testing for a short time. We've been putting on our tights and working the game for all it's worth. Check out our in-depth preview before heading to the comments to chat about it.

Plunging Into The Savage Land

Gazillion Entertainment has added new heroes, content, and more in their latest update to the Marvel Heroes closed beta. Read on for all the details!

Clicking with the Beta

The Marvel Heroes closed beta has been going on for some time now but the lid has been kept tightly sealed. Today, however, we blow the lid off and bring you our impressions of Marvel Heroes. See what we've got to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Handling the Heroes at NYCC

Our own Christina Gonzalez got her mitts on Gazillion's Marvel Heroes during NYCC this year. After killing baddies with Storm, Deadpool, and Iron Man this is what she had to report. TLDR version? It's a ton of fun. Go forth and read more!

Revelations at NY Comic Con

Our staff was on the floor at New York Comic Con this year, and attended the Marvel Heroes panel run by Gazillion Entertainment. Find out what the attendees learned about the game and its future in this recap.

David Brevik's Diablo 3

During PAX Prime, we had the opportunity to check out Marvel Heroes, a game that even the developers liken to the Diablo series. Find out what we discovered during our hands on time and during our interview with David Brevik. Leave your thoughts in the comments.