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Three Lessons I Learned From the Gazillion Shutdown

As I’ve been playing games for decades, the red flags of what Gazillion did were stark, and often. As we currently live in an unprecedented era of gaming, and by unprecedented I mean an era of gaming where monetization is affluent, in many cases, when the game is not only unfinished, but these days monetization happens with nary more than an idea or grasp of a game is apparent, I still believed that brand integrity meant something. Oh, how wrong I turned out to be.

A Closer Look at the Omega Item Redesign

Item sets are finally coming to Marvel Heroes with the Omega patch in November. We take a look at the Omega item redesign and some big changes coming to the overall item game with the patch.

Why Were Fantastic Four Shown the Door?

A while back, Gazillion Games was forced to remove the Fantastic Four (Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and Human Torch) as well as The Silver Surfer from Marvel Heroes Online. We say forced, because frankly, that’s what happened. Read on for our brief synopsis of what’s shaking down between Marvel and 20th Century Fox, and why we hope this means good things eventually for Reed Richards, Silver Surfer, and the rest.

Let's Talk 2018

Barring any unexpected announcements, I’m basically writing off 2017 for Marvel Heroes as a year Gaz spends getting its console versions up and running. Whether you’re OK with that or not is up to you as a player, but it’s clear to me that anything substantial is going to have to wait until Gaz gets all its ducks in a row on the console side, and that means the start point for getting back to the business of things is likely in 2018.

Infinite Improvements

Earlier this week, Gazillion announced wide ranging improvements to the Infinity System in a dev blog posted on the official Marvel Heroes forums. Tentatively set to be included in the game’s next major feature update, the changes will remove the round robin distribution of points from the system entirely.

Traits & Talents Update Test Center Impressions

The first half of Gazillion’s massive update to Marvel Heroes has finally hit Test Center and boy is it a doozy! The patch primarily focuses on an overhaul of Marvel Heroes’ powers and progression systems, including a full slate of Quality of Life improvements for every single hero on the roster, but also brings a revamped Omega System (now the Infinity System), updates to story chapters two and three, artifact changes, and some pretty significant changes to the game’s movement systems.

Hero Reworks We’re Looking Forward to Most

This update represents an opportunity to experience the game again like new. There are plenty of characters I’d love to play that are either a chore to play now or I’ve simply given up on altogether. This week, we’ll highlight a couple of the reworks we’re looking forward to most.

Gazillion's Massive Plans May Be Worth The Wait

Face it, 2016 hasn’t necessarily been a kind year to Marvel Heroes. The year’s first few months had the game’s dev team tied up pushing out movie tie-in content for Captain America: Civil War and things have been pretty dry since then. As it would turn out, this dry spell was a bit of a gambit on Gazillions part: risk players being bored in the short term in order to execute on some massive plans that would deal with some Marvel Heroes’ most significant long term issues.

All Hail the Goblin King!

March Madness takes on a whole new meaning for Marvel Heroes with the release of Green Goblin scheduled for (hopefully) later this week. I’ve been keeping up with each iteration of Goblin on Test Center since he initially came online there and I wanted to take some time this week to offer up some of my early impressions on my most anticipated character release for Marvel Heroes this year.

Madness Comes to Marvel Heroes in March

March is going to be an exciting month for all things Marvel, but particularly for Marvel Heroes. Gaz’s Ryan ‘Ryolnir’ Collins recently took to the forums to tease us with what players can expect in the next major game update coming in early March, and we’re excited even by what little we know so far. Let’s dig in!

Kicking Off 2016 With a Bang

Marvel Heroes recently underwent yet another rebrand and the corresponding game update was suitably massive. Now Marvel Heroes 2016, Gazillion has kicked off the New Year with a bang by introducing some long awaited additions, with even more to come.

How Gazillion Can Have a Superheroic 2016

2015 was a bit of an off year for Marvel Heroes. The year was marked by layoffs, lagging release dates, and a real dearth of new content. Fortunately, it appears that Gazillion has regrouped for the new year, and the studio has sent some signals that should inspire hope in fans for a better year. That said, we have a couple of our own ideas for what would help meet those goals.

Marvel Heroes Advance Pack 3: Awesome or Meh?

For me, 2016 is going to be a bittersweet year for new characters in Marvel Heroes. Truth be told, I’m a huge fan of most of the picks, but like anyone else, I’m a bit disappointed some of my most anticipated characters didn’t make the cut. There is hope, as the seventh character hasn’t been revealed (or decided on?) yet, but I’m curbing my expectations.

Advance Pack 3: Who Will Make the Cut?

Aside from the community vote winner, Angela, we currently have no idea what the roster of upcoming heroes will look like for Marvel Heroes in 2016. Gazillion has been mum so far on whether or not we’ll even have a third Advance Pack. The one thing we do know is that we’ll be finding out all of this information soon, probably this month, so why not have some fun and speculate on what an Advance Pack 3 would look like?

An All-New, All-Different Marvel Heroes 2016

We’ve been learning about the future of Marvel Heroes in bits and pieces over the last few weeks and this year’s New York Comic-Con was no different. At the show, the Gazillion team was on hand for a panel discussing their plans for the Marvel Heroes 2016 re-brand, but new details were somewhat scant.