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March to Rome Overview

March To Rome is a free to play browser RTS game that lets players immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ancient Europe and the mightiest factions to walk the earth at that time. Choose whether to build a thriving economy through solid production planning or plunder through the enemy castles and take whatever you wish by force.

  • Age of Colonization! | Colonize and rule up to ten cities as you walk on the path of glory. Whether you decide to devote your production of resources to upgrades, military or economic expansion you can make sure you have plenty of every resource!
  • Battle Formations! | Strongholds can be attacked from all four sides in March To Rome. Positioning is the key element in each battle. Arrange your troops as you desire or simply use the assault or sweep formations.
  • Master of Rituals! | Rituals can be used for economic or military benefits. They can be performed to boost a certain resource’s hourly production rate, population or happiness growth. They can also be used to improve troops damage, marching speed, upkeep or recovery depending on the situation.
  • Find and Conquer | Siege attacks can be launched in order to gain control of a player’s castle. Wether it is to gain control of a well developed economy or to create diplomatic issues you can siege every castle except the capitals. Be sure to keep an eye on the sieged castles as they can be won back!