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MapleStory Receives Hoyoung Class, Events in New Update

By Poorna Shankar on December 04, 2019 | News | 0

MapleStory received the Hoyoung class in a new update today, along with Glory events.

Hoyoung is an all-new thief class using the Ritual Fan and Fan Tassel. With the help of Taotie, one of the four perils, Hoyoung looks to fix his mistake and reseal the monsters he accidentally unleashed upon the world. If you missed our preview and opinion of the class, check that out here.

The Glory: Savior of Hope update also brings with it a new city, Cernium. New events are also introduced like the Hoyoung Level-Up event which you can get a chance to obtain an Arcane Umbra weapon.

Glory events will begin on December 18 and include:

  • New Glory Guard Missions - Missions will all provide chances to earn Glory, used to purchase exciting items in the Alliance Supply Depot.
  • Glory Guard Rank Event - Joining the Glory Guard to save Maple World from impending danger offers players opportunities to level up through the ranks from Sentinel, Guardian, Master, Commander, and finally, Justicar.
  • Alliance Supply Depot - Players can spend their hard earned Glory Coins in this one-stop shop for members of the Glory Guard.
  • Camila's Bakery Christmas Event - Through December 31, players can celebrate the holidays with a variety of Christmas-themed events such as mini-games and puzzles. Rewards include holiday themed costumes, damage skins, and other fun goodies!


Poorna Shankar

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