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MapleStory Articles

MapleStory Fest All Digital Event Scheduled for November 11

MapleStory is hosting MapleStory Fest 2020 At Home, this time as a digital event during these crazy times.

MapleStory's Adele Class Arrives June 24, Receives 'Rise: Promise of the Guardian' Event

MapleStory's new class, Adele, and new content update called 'Rise: Promise of the Guardian' are almost here.

MapleStory SEA Receives Adele Class

MapleStory SEA has received a new class, Adele, along with new events and rewards.

MapleStory Receives ISEKAI QUARTET Crossover Event in March 11

MapleStory is receiving a crossover with ISEKAI QUARTET in a new event running from March 11 to April 7.

MapleStory Receives Hoyoung Class, Events in New Update

MapleStory received the Hoyoung class in a new update today, along with Glory events.

MapleStory Glory Update Brings New Anima Thief Class, and Events Coming on November 20

MapleStory's Glory update brings with it a new class and events on November 20.

MapleStory Receives The Fabled Melody Update

A new MapleStory update brings with it a new quest, mission, and mini-game. Check out what's in store.

 MapleStory Adds New Party Quest And More To Pathfinder Update

MapleStory announced its Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes update, outlining a host of new additions to the game including a new playable character, bug fixes, content revamps, and more when it releases on July 24.

Pathfinder Class to be Added to MapleStory on June 26th

On June 26th, MapleStory players will be able to try out the new "Explorer Bowman class, Pathfinder" when it launches into the game. A pre-creation event will take place from June 12th through the launch of the new class. During the pre-event, players can choose their Pathfinder's gender, hair color, and other features.

Dive Into the MapleStory 14th Anniversary Event Starting Today

Starting today, Maplers can take part in the MapleStory 14th Anniversary Event. Players will be able to play through a number of fun activities, earn some special items and find the return of the Pink Bean character creation. "From April 24th to June 12th, events named after past major seasonal updates such as Chaos, Nova, Ark, and more will be available under the 14th Street event."

MapleStory Set to Kick Off 14th Anniversary Fete

Get ready to celebrate MapleStory's fourteenth anniversary with "major celebration events". Nexon will be bringing tons of fun to the MapleStory community starting April 24th. Players will be able to take part in a number of events. Through June 12th, players will be able to take part in a number of events named after past seasons including Chaos, Nova, Ark and others.

Second Annual MapleStory Fest Dated for May 11th in Los Angeles

The second annual MapleStory Fest has been dated for May 11th. Tickets for the Los Angeles event will be sold beginning Monday, March 25th for $20 per ticket. Fans and players will be able to meet and greet the teams behind MapleStory and MapleStory 2 as well as learn exclusive information about the games, participate in Q&As and much more.

MapleStory: Arcade Adventures is Now Live

MapleStory players are being invited to the game to check out the new Retro World 8-bit event that is part of the Arcade Adventures update. From today through April 9th, characters at level 61+ can take part in a number of events "that take them to unique 8-bit pixelated worlds where they can hunt monsters, collect coins, practice their dodging and jumping, avoid traps and more".

MapleStory Players Can Celebrate Some Big Events Coming Starting Today!

Now that the Black Mage has been defeated, MapleStory players are looking for the next "big thing". As of today, an update called "New Beginnings" sees the level cap to rise 275 after more than five years where it currently stands. In addition, there are new enemies to face off against, four celebratory events to play through and level 200 Genesis weapons to collect.

MapleStory Players Can Finally Take the Fight to the Black Mage

MapleStory has been updated and players can now log into the game to finally take the fight to the Black Mage. The update also brings two new Tenebris areas, a duel against Commander Verus Hilla and, of course, the "monumental battle" against the big man himself.