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MapleStory M Articles

MapleStory Mobile Receives Character Rebalances and Events

First-Ever MapleStory M Crossover Arrives with Anime Series Re:ZERO

MapleStory M today announced its first-ever crossover event with the anime Re:Zero.

MapleStory M Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With Exclusive Interview

MapleStory M released a year ago and just celebrated its 1-year anniversary, with its celebration kicked off releasing a most anticipated class, Phantom. MMORPG had a chance to sit down and talk about what this milestone means for the team and Maple Story M in the future.

MapleStory M Update Brings Two New Explorer Classes Into the Game

Mobile game MapleStory M has been updated to bring a pair of new explorer classes into the game: the Buccaneer and the Marksman. Players can look forward to facing off against the new Expedition Boss: Corrupted Empress Cygnus. In addition, updates have been made to Link Skill and Secondary Weapons.

MapleStory M Players Can Check Out a New PvP Dungeon in The Legends Return

MapleStory M has been patched with The Legends Return update that brings a brand new PvP dungeon into the game. The dungeon is available in both Ranked and Free Modes and sends two teams of three against one another in a race to the finish. Ranked Mode players will receive rewards based on the achieved rank and taking into account their win/loss percentages. Free Mode players can fight in teams of up to six in wild battles that may be unbalanced for extra challenge.

MapleStory M Adds the Evolution Dungeon & Archer Elf 'Mercedes' to the Roster

Nexon has announced the latest update to its mobile MMO, MapleStory M. Players will find that the "legendary elven archer Mercedes" has been added to the roster as well as the Evolution Dungeon that "allows players to customize and play based on their character progression needs". Lastly, a balance pass has been applied to both the Bow Master and the Dawn Warrior.

Gift Pack Giveaway!

Tell us your favorite MapleStory M class and you'll be entered to win a gift pack ($50 value) for the game!

MapleStory M Expands with a Trio of New Explorer Classes

Nexon America has sent word that its mobile title, MapleStory M, has been updated to bring three new explorer classes into the game as well as retooled equipment enhancement systems and much more. Players will find the "swift thief Shadower, the Hero warrior and the Arch Mage" added to the game.

MapleStory M Brings the New Evan Class & Mini-Games to Players

With today's update, MapleStory M players will have a lot of seasonal fun to take part in as well as a chance to try out Evan, a new "magician Dragon Master class" character. Those who choose to play as Evan will have a number of activities to participate in including a Growth Support event, celebratory pets for him through January 2 and he can receive a number of items throughout the leveling process.

Spooktacular Event Deployed in MapleStory M

MapleStory M received a big new update that includes the "spooktacular" Halloween event as well as an increased level cap, new regions to explore, tons of new quests to complete, new skills to try out and a retooled UI. The Ghostbuster event runs from now through November 8th where players can earn event coins to trade for special themed items in the Event Coin Shop.

MapleStory M Updated with the Addition of the Cygnus Knight Class

MapleStory M, the mobile version of the time-tested game, has been updated to bring the new Cygnus Knight class on board. Players can choose from five different jobs for the Cygnus Knight including Dawn Warrior, Night Walker, Thunder Breaker, Blaze Wizard or Wind Archer.

Over 3M Maplers Have Taken Their Fun on the Go

Just a week after the release of MapleStory M, Nexon has announced that it has been downloaded over three million times since its global launch. To celebrate the big numbers, players can check out an in-game giveaway later today that will earn them 10 Orange EXP Increase Tickets, 300 MP Potions v4.0 and 300 HP Potions v4.0.

SponsoredWhat is MapleStory M? - SPONSORED

If you would love to take your MapleStory adventures on the road, Nexon has you covered and has given you exactly that for both iOS and Android mobile devices. MapleStory M is an all-new mobile adventure based on the original side-scrolling 2D MMORPG. It’s like a spin-off of the original, and one you can take with you everywhere you go.

Nexon Launches MapleStory M - A Mobile Adventure Title Based on MapleStory

If you want to be a Mapler on the go, you may want to check in on Nexon's MapleStory M, the mobile game based on the MapleStory franchise. The game is free to download and play in over 140 countries in nine localized versions. All who log in and play over the next two weeks will receive daily goodies through August 21st. Pre-registrants will be able to claim their rewards on August 21st as well.

MapleStory M OFFICIAL Trailer

The cinematic trailer for Nexon M's MapleStory M - the portable MMORPG based on the classic game.