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Magic: Legends Articles

Magic Comes Full Circle With Cryptic CEO Steve D'Angelo In New Interview

Magic: Legends is coming from Cryptic Studios, though the studio has a history with the IP thanks to CEO Steve D'Angelo. In an interview with Game Informer, D'Angelo talks about his history with Magic: The Gathering as well as how the upcoming MMO was pitched.

Magic: Legends Executive Producer Provides Additional Details in Rapid-Fire Interview

Cryptic Studios Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa recently gave us insight into Magic: Legends in a 75-question rapid-fire interview with Game Informer.

Magic: Legends Coming To PC In 2020, PS4 and Xbox One In 2021

Announced via a press release today, Cryptic and Perfect World have given us a release window for its upcoming Magic: The Gathering themed project, Magic: Legends. The Action MMO/RPG will be coming to PC this year, though console players will be waiting a bit longer.

Magic: Legends Shows Off The Geomancer In Gameplay Video

Game Informer continued its cover story coverage of Perfect World's upcoming Action MMO/RPG, Magic: Legends. They previously took a look at the intellectual Mind Mage, while today they are looking at the Geomancer.

Magic: Legends Gameplay Previews Mind Mage

New information was shared today for Magic: Legends and their Mind Mage class.

Perfect World Releases First Magic Legends Gameplay Trailer

Perfect World announced officially Magic Legends last month during The Game Awards, but we really didn't get an idea of what the actual MMORPG would look like. Now we do thanks to a gameplay trailer via Game Informer.