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Magic: Legends Articles

Magic: Legends Shut Down Sees Layoffs Hit Cryptic Studios

As Magic: Legends winds down, shuttering before it ever existed its open beta, Cryptic Studios has been hit with layoffs due to the closure. According to a former employee at Cryptic, the team has been hit with 44 employees laid off who were working on Legends.

Magic: Legends Shutting Down Before It Officially Launches, Servers Closing October 31st

Magic: Legends, the ARPG set in the Magic card game's Multiverse, is shutting down before it ever officially began, seeing its servers shutter on October 31st.

Magic Legends Renames 'Weekly Caps' to 'Weekly Bonuses'

In case you haven't been following Magic: Legends too closely, the game announced recently they're changing the name of "Weekly Caps" to now be "Weekly Bonuses." Read on for what else was included in their recent update.

Magic: Legends Talks Quality Of Life Changes, End Game And More In Latest Patch

Magic: Legends has had an interesting month since hitting Open Beta in late March. Since launch they have taken player feedback and tweaked aspects of their ARPG, including changing up the pace of the early game in April's mid-month patch. The team at Cryptic has launched a new update today, and took some time to mention the end-game of Legends.

Magic: Legends Released Its Mid-April Update And Takes Stock Of The State Of The Open Beta

Magic: Legends released their large mid-April update this week, bringing over 500 fixes to the ARPG since it launched in Open Beta last month. Executive Producer Steven Ricossa took to the blog to talk about what is still coming for the ARPG in the future, including more performance fixes.

Magic: Legends Talks Week 3 Of The ARPG's Open Beta Looking Ahead To Future Update

In the third week (and as many State of the Game posts) of the Magic: Legends open beta, executive producer Steve Ricossa talks about the changes coming in its mid-April update.

Magic: Legends Talks Tomorrow's Patch, Future Plans For ARPG In New State Of The Game Blog

Magic: Legends has had a rough launch in its open beta last week. The ARPG set in the iconic Magic: The Gathering multiverse has seen its share of criticism over its monetization, loot drop rate and much more. Today the team at Cryptic released an update with some news on what tomorrow's update to the beta will look like.

Magic: Legends Posts State of the Game: Open Beta - Changes to Monetization and Performance Coming

Steve Ricossa, the Executive Producer for Magic: Legends has released a State of the Game: Open Beta article which details some of the changes headed to the game. The article identifies and clarifies some points on monetization, end game, performance and more.

Magic: Legends Open Beta Live Now on PC

The PC open beta for Magic: Legends has arrived available on the Epic Games Store and on Arc Games.

Magic: Legends Open Beta Pre-Release Event Live Streaming Today at 2p ET

Ahead of tomorrow's PC open beta release, the Magic: Legends team is hosting a pre-release event later today at 2p ET. Here are the details.

Here's Why Magic: Legends Stopped Referring To Itself As An MMO, According To Developer

During our play session of Magic: Legends last week, I had the chance to talk about the ARPG with Principal Lead Designer Adam Hetenyi. During our session, I asked something that as been on my mind for quite a while regarding Legends: Why doesn't Cryptic refer to it as an MMO anymore?

Magic: Legends Details Difficulty Ahead Of This Month's Beta

Magic: Legends hits open beta later this month, and the ARPG is trying to give Planeswalkers a glimpse into some of the challenges they will be facing when they can enter the Magic Multiverse.

Magic: Legends Showcases Three Iconic Characters Coming In ARPG

Magic: The Gathering is full of iconic characters, and the Magic: Legends team has brought a few of them into their vision of the multiverse in the upcoming ARPG.

Magic: Legends Previews Equipment And Gear To Better Kit Out Your Planeswalker

Magic: Legends gave some insight into their equipment system coming with the ARPG in March when the game hits open beta. The system features equipment rarities and more, much like most ARPGs, though the team is hoping to avoid the overbearing loot drops seen in the genre.

Magic: Legends Unveils Planeswalker Bundle

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment revealed the Planeswalker Bundle for Magic: Legends. Here are the details.