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Magerealm Articles

New Update, New Angel And Cross-Server Guild Wars

GTArcade has announced that Magerealm is now available in German and French versions and will be getting a significant update later in January. Players can look forward to a new Angel named Aquarius, cross-server guild wars and much more.

Zodiac Angels Fly Into Game

GTArcade has announced that Magerealm players can now check out the awesome power of the Zodiac Angels. To win a Zodiac Angel, players will need a strong Battle Rating and the "grace of the Zodiac Angel". This month's featured ZA is the Sagittarius angel.

New Hero To Join The Fray Soon

GTArcade has announced that the Frost Lord will be coming to Magerealm in near future. Based on nordic lore, the Frost Lord traces his lineage back to Ymir, the first Frost Giant.

Destroy Your Enemies in New 5v5 Arena Mode

Magerealm players can take it to the mat in the latest addition to the game. In the 5v5 arena, the new PvP mode is based on the classic capture the flag game. Two teams of 5 players each face off and work cooperatively to grab and control flags on the field.

New Guild vs Guild Mechanic Added with Turf War

Magerealm players can now take part in a new guild vs guild mechanic added called turf war. Players of level 40 and above who are members of the top six guilds can compete for resources.

Wraith Bosses to Wreak Havoc in New Update

Magerealm players are being forewarned that mayhem is incoming with the next game update called Wraith of Oaklane. The patch will bring ten new bosses that can drop Wraith tokens to be traded for awesome new gear. In addition, Wraiths can drop gear and a special reward for the player who lands the killing blow.

New Mini-game Added in Latest Update

Magerealm players will have a new light-hearted mini-game to play the next time they log into the game. GTArcade sent word that Mage Poker is now live and gives players a trio of chances per day to play and to score some nice rewards.

Latest Update Offers Two New PvP Modes

Magerealm players will be able to try out a pair of new PvP features brought into the game with the latest update.

Magerealm Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been give a set of gift keys as part of the open beta for Magerealm. Each key will give you lots of in game free goodies such as lvl 1 gem chests, gold and more! Get your key now and check out this exciting new browser based MMORPG!