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Battle Royale on the High Seas

Do you love Fortnite? Can’t scratch that itch for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds? Ever wish it was more… pirate-y? Well here comes Maelstrom with its unique naval warfare system where you play against other players as well as monsters. You are pitted against other enemy players and the zone shrinks on you as you play, however, in this game when you get caught outside the zone you are at risk of a giant leviathan destroying your ship.

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Maelstrom Sets Sail Into Early Access

Gunpowder Games has announced that its pirate ship battle royale game, Maelstrom, has officially set sail into Steam Early Access. Players can head over to Steam to check out the latest information about upcoming plans for the game via the roadmap, as well as further information about stretch goals and what's already in the pipeline.

Fast-Paced Naval Combat Game, Maelstrom, Setting Sail for Early Access on April 11th

Gunpowder Games has announced that Maelstrom, it's fast-paced naval combat game, is ready to set sail into Steam Early Access on April 11th. The game is a variation of the battle royale them that pits sixteen players against one another as they work to remove the fog of war from the map, collect treasure and powerups.