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New Mad World MMO Trailer Shows Off a Dark Gritty World & a Unique Art Style

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Jandisoft has posted a brand new trailer that shows off its unique art style and a dark gritty world. The video features frantic PvE and PvP battles, huge monsters, and showcases a number of the game's features. Mad World MMO is a 2D isometric game utilizing HTML5 and a hand-drawn art style. The premise is a post-apocalyptic world where humans are struggling to survive and "battle on the edge of extinction". Mad World MMO is planning for a 2019 release for PC, browsers & mobile devices.

Whilst offering PvE raiding commanding strategy, dynamic boss encounters, competitive PvP environments and other characteristics widely accompanied in traditional MMOs, the development of the game will put a core focus on combat and community relations. Balanced, challenging gameplay with depth, a constant pulse on the community, with an enduring perseverance to innovate is where we at JANDISOFT believe the genre can shine the brightest. In contrast, Mad World's grim dark setting, gameplay and narrative seek to rediscover the emotional experiences, the euphoria of hard-fought achievement and the gravity of decisive battles that the genre has long forgotten.

Learn more on the Mad World MMO site.


Suzie Ford

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