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Mad World MMO Articles

Mad World Reveals New Dungeon and Boss, Plus What Has Changed Since Closed Beta

Mad World's closed beta happened in September, and the team is back with more previews, led by a look at what they have added and changed since that beta ended. 

Mad World Continues Its Unsettling Grimdark Previews With New Monsters and Lore

The Mad World team continues with its series of short previews for the upcoming grimdark MMORPG. This time, hear a chilling tale of friends and a mysterious forest, meet a "chef" and another monster nicknamed "the cleaner of the Abyss".

Mad World Previews Gear, Resources, and More Creepy Twists and Settings

With final polish on the game in the works, the Mad World team confirms release in the first half of the year, previews gear and resources, and, of course, unveils some more creepy, unsettling previews.

Mad World Release Build is Complete, Awaiting Final Polish, and Jandisoft Previews More Grim Lore

Mad World has a complete release build, according to Jandisoft in a new Q&A. While the game won't make its December launch, the team noted it only needs polish and localization work. Meanwhile, they continue to preview more grim lore and grotesque monsters.

Mad World Lore and Creature Previews Highlight Despair and Desperation in Its World

More previews from Mad World show off more monsters to encounter, an audiobook style lore clip ties some of these previews together to set the despairing tone of the world.

Mad World Continues Previewing Monsters and Their Creepy Backstories

Mad World has some more reveals from the upcoming grimdark MMORPG. Developer Jandisoft continues teasing some of the game's monsters, along with some of their creepy backstories, and some new video clips.

Mad World Reveals Monsters and Creepy, Atmospheric Settings in New Video Clips

Mad World developer Jandisoft has revealed some new monsters and previewed the game's creepy, atmospheric settings in new video clips.

Mad World Closed Beta Was Promising, According to Jandisoft, Which Has a New Highlight Reel

The first closed beta test for Mad World ended this week, and developer Jandisoft released a beta highlights clip and reported a positive response.

Mad World Closed Beta Opens Today, With New Trailer Showing New Areas, Content, and Main Hub

The first closed beta test for Mad World starts today. The 2D dark fantasy, cross-platform, atmospheric MMO has a new "World Map" trailer and new details on what's new for the beta test.

Mad World Closed Beta Applications Open Up, as Jandisoft Releases New Trailer and Info

Mad World  is headed for beta next month, and Jandisoft has released a new closed beta trailer along with details on what to expect, as well as how to apply.

Mad World Gets a New Gamescom Trailer, Showing off Huge Monstrous Bosses and Party Battle

A dark world but hope is possible. Mad World gets a new Gamescom trailer showing off monstrous bosses and party combat ahead of closed beta.

Mad World First Closed Beta Will Happen in September, Founder's Packs on Sale Again With Guaranteed Access

Next month, Mad World will get its first closed beta test, with a mix of invited applicants and Founder's Pack pass holders in the first look at the game since alpha ended in May.

Jandisoft Hosts Mad World Developer AMA, Plans 'Permanent Open Beta' Sometime This Year

After some quiet time on the Mad World front, developer Jandisoft hosted an AMA over on Reddit, answering community questions. The game will almost certainly have a 'permanent open beta' sometime this year,

Mad World Wraps Final Alpha Test After New Features Added, Jandisoft Still Requesting Feedback

The final alpha test for Mad World has ended, with some improvements and new content added. Developer Jandisoft promises a "much better" Mad World based on feedback when the next phase begins.

Preview Mad World's NPC Voiceovers and See a Dark New Trailer Before Next Week's Final Alpha

With the final alpha test set to begin next week, Jandisoft is sharing a peek at Mad World's NPC voiceovers and has a new trailer with some of the dark monsters you'll face.