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Mabinogi Articles

Happy 10th Birthday, Mabinogi! Celebrate with a Month's Worth of Events

Mabinogi is officially ten years old and Nexon is ready to take out the pinata for a big birthday bash. From now through the next thirty days, Mabinogi players are going to be treated to a series of events and updates that include decorations, mini-games, the Cave of Trials, a "sneaky developer" event and much more.

Chain Slash & Chain Blade Weapons Slice & Dice Into Game

Mabinogi players have a brand new weapon type and ability to explore with today's latest update. Chain Weapons will provide ample opportunity to practice the new talent, Chain Slash. The talent utilizes Dark Energy from fallen opponents and allow for wicked ranged attacks. It features 10 new skills that can "crush, impale, slice and more".

Mobile Tie-In Updated for iOS and Android

Mabinogi fans will want to check out and install the latest Mabinogi Duel update from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. The mobile tie-in TCG's patch includes twenty four new cards contained in the BlazBlue Collaboration Booster pack as well as a new competition arena and a host of new quests that can earn discount tickets and gems through March 14th.

Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given special gift keys for Mabinogi that will give players the purrrfect gifts! Each gift key will grant you a pair of "devCAT Earmuffs" and a "Cat Paw Club" - get your free gift key now!

Fate/Stay Night Tie In Events Begin

Mabinogi fans of the anime Fate will be happy to hear that a collection of events based on the series have entered the game. Players will be able to participate in an in-game cosplay event that allows them to dress as their favourite Fate characters and to participate in collaborative events to earn special rewards.

Gate of Sanctuary Update Launches

Nexon has sent word that Mabinogi has been updated with the Gate of Sanctuary content expansion that brings "Generation 20" into the game. Players can look forward to the new "squire training" system, new weapons, skills, regions and much more.

TCG Tie In, Mabinogi Duel, Soft-Launched

Fans of Mabinogi will want to check out the new mobile TCG, Mabinogi Duel, that has soft-launched in several countries in preparation for its final worldwide launch on both iOS and Android devices.

Ultimate Anime Summer!!!

As the self-described "most expressive MMORPG," Mabinogi's summer events demand three exclamation points. Maybe more. Their announcement did include the word "extravaganza" after all. This summer smorgasbord will happen in three two-week phases, during which players will enjoy beginner level benefits, new hair and facial customizations, black haired elves and free weekly rebirthing. (Ew.)

Romantic Doki-Doki Island Arrives

Mabinogi players will want to check out what is described by devs as being "romantic Doki-Doki island". The island offers quests, relaxing beachfront locations, mini-games and an event called "Seize the Skies".

Huge Update Deployed

Mabinogi players have a lot to look forward to the next time they log into the game thanks to one of the largest content additions in recent memory. Among other things, the new Druid class has been added as well as stories from the Legend of Merlin.

Wandering in the Cursed Labyrinth

The Mabinogi team has plenty to keep erstwhile trick-or-treaters busy this Halloween season with the arrival of the Cursed Labyrinth. The adventure begins with a mysterious Halloween party invitation...

Iria Saga Episode 9 Fate’s Design: The Stand

In Episode Nine - Fate's Design: The Stand, Ruairi chooses to join Tarlach, because Tarlach can bring Triona back with Ruairi's help. The Human/Giant/Elf alliance draws up plans to attack Renes, and decides to launch diversionary attacks to allow the player, Shamala, and Akule to sneak in. Odran draws off the White Dragon, Maike draws the Cessair, and Dowra takes on Ruairi. The player finds Millia in Renes, bound to the Lia Fail artifact. To free her, the player destroys the artifact.

The Saga: Iria Episode Seven – Heroic Path: The Choice

Nexon has released the latest Mabinogi video in the ongoing series of anime-inspired videos. Called The Saga: Iria Episode Seven - Heroic Path: The Choice, the story continues with Millia meets Ruairi at the oasis, and they bond over their mutual desire for revenge. The player escapes from the Giants and Elves and is reunited with Akule.

The Saga: Iria Episode 6: Swarm of Demons - Truth

The sixth episode of the animated series based on Nexon's Mabinogi has been released. This time the adventurers are coming closer and closer to an epic showdown with the Black Dragon Knight. Meanwhile, the Black Dragon and the Black Dragon Knight attack the holy land, but are stopped by Lelach.

Saga Iria #3 Now Live

Mabinogi players will want to check into the game to find out the latest in The Saga: Iria now that part three is officially live. The new content picks up from the spot where the second episode ended and continues the story.