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    Unity 3D
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    Q4 2017 (12/31/2017)
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Lux Overview

Lux is a hand-drawn MMO from Chimera. Survive, build together, fight each other, compete for loot, try to own the most land, do whatever you want! We want to give the player base the tools to create a world to their liking by creating an immersive, dynamic, open-world environment affected by weather, monsters, players, and NPCs. The dynamic events that unfold will shape Noch itself.


  • Survive in an Infinitely Expandable World! | Explore dynamically generated and hand crafted biomes above and below ground, but be wary of Nightfall. Darkness makes the creatures in Lux stronger, faster, more aggressive, and gives them new abilities. It can even transform them into completely different creatures. li>
  • Fend Off Lethal Enemies in Real Time Combat | Lux features responsive and fast paced combat to accommodate highly skilled players. Tactics, reflexes, gear, and consumables will be required to survive against monsters and players in this open PvP world.
  • Find One-of-a-Kind Dungeon Loot! | Going deeper underground means greater danger and a higher chance for loot. Lux offers players the chance to find one-of-a-kind items or crafting schematics.
  • Build Anywhere in the Wild! | Teamwork and community will be required to build up towns (or take them over) and managing your NPCs will allow you to gather resources for crafting while hunting down fabled blueprints in the wild.
  • Unlock Thousands of Traits through Progression | As a Lux, you'll grow stronger by using Lumen to unlock Filament clusters. You won't have a traditional level or class; your potential will be determined by your current avatar, unlocked traits, skill, gear, and who you know.
Sponsored Three Days Left! A Letter from the CEO (Sponsored)

First, a big THANK YOU to all our current backers on all levels! We've seen a lot of support for a game that was revealed only a few weeks ago. That being said, we are still a good distance from our goal.

Sponsored SPONSORED: A Q&A with Nathan Levine, Chimera CEO

Lux is an upcoming Survival MMORPG. Lux has received the “Projects We Love” badge as well as the Featured Project in Games on Kickstarter.