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    10/07/08 (01/02/2014)
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Lunia: Record of Lunia War Overview

Lunia is a free-to-play, isometric MMORPG from allm that requires players to rely on keyboard combos and twitch-based combat. Designed to be a social MMO, Lunia encourages interaction and grouping, though a player can solo adequately. Leveling up is done by the usual quests, hunting, and mission XP. The storyline unfolds in ten stages, each with unlockable content. As the game uses skill-based combos, PvP is not a matter of who can click an icon faster, but between who makes the better moves, leading to a tactical game. Lunia also supports gamepads.


  • Diverse Characters | Choose from 17 characters with different moves and playstyles.
  • RPG Elements | Expand and customize your character's set of abilities.
  • Group with Others or Engage in PvP | Team up with friends or take to the Arena to compete with other players.
  • Stage System | Experience Lunia's story through episodes that have 10 repeatable stages that be unlocked.

Winter Events

The Lunia team has revealed all sorts of wintry goodness for players of the anime-themed MMO from IJII.com. There is new holiday-centric content and contests to award players with nifty prizes.

Celebrating Its Second Anniversary

Lunia Online is celebrating two years of play with the introduction of a new player-created spearman named Gaon. In addition to the new spearman, devs have several anniversary events planned for the upcoming days that include bonus experience and free in-game items.

Skull Island Expansion Launches

CDC Games has announced the launch of the Skull Island Expansion for Lunia, which will increase the game's content by 10 percent.