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LuckCatchers Overview

Luck?atchers is an economically-based sandbox MMORPG set in a steampunk world, where all the main events unfold in the skies. Conquer the airspace by taking command of great sky ships, explore ancient wonders, trade goods, make alliances, and engage in epic battles with hundreds of other players.


  • A detailed, huge world with a rich history | The world of the warm sunshine, gentle ocean and tropical islands. Where air pirates and daring captains ary flying in the skies, robbery and smuggling are thriving, everyone is drinking rum and respect all the flyers. Every player will find dizzying adventure and miracles on bends! Sometimes maybe even more adventures that he wished to find.
  • Real-time PvP battles | You will sharpen your art of warfare in the exciting and dynamic battles against live opponents. Each ship is unique, each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses – learn them to become a real ace.
  • Social & Economy | The economy system of Luckatchers is calculated on the active participation of players. All sold, and everything is bought! Build your settlement that will bring you valuable resources. Sell blueprints of new ships – made by your own design!
  • Ships building&upgrade options | Capacious trading barque or a speedboat, steam galleon with a pile of weapons or nimble pirate schooner - the choice is yours! improve your ship, bring it to perfection, and equip with the latest steam-magical technology.
  • A seamless world | Luck?atchers world is not divided into separate zones and areas. Any player at any time can get to any part of it - unless, of course, he was not shot down on his way.