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Lost Dimension Overview

Lost Dimension is a tactical RPG with visual novel elements centered around 11 warriors, each with special psychic gifts, who must take on a mysterious threat called The End, which threatens the end of the world itself. The game's protagonist's own special ability also reveals that some of his alleged allies are traitors working against their plans. Through investigation and careful elimination of the traitors, The End can be ended. Each playthrough will be different, as traitors will be randomly generated.

  • Investigate and Save the World | With many powerful allies, there's evidence some of them may be supporting The End, a force that seeks to end the world, and it's your job to root them out and take them down before it's too late.
  • It's Different Every Time | Due to the nature of the game's plot as a mystery, the identities of the traitors are randomly generated, which means a new playthrough won't be the same as the last.
  • Knowing Your Strengths | Each of the game's characters has different powerful psychic abilities. If a true ally, they'll be worth having on your side in this difficult fight. If a traitor, you'll be on the wrong end of powers like the ability to teleport or steal others' powers.
Chasing Shadows

Some games rely on their stories and character development to grab your attention, using plot devices and memorable personalities to keep you coming back for more. Others depend upon their gameplay systems to keep you engaged, either through their unique implementation or by sheer force of addictiveness.

Lost Dimension’s Vision and Judgement Systems

Lost Dimension is one of those rare games that encourages you to get to know your NPC compatriots, while at the same time pressuring you to think carefully about whom you decide to buddy up with. Atlus’ upcoming scifi RPG puts party management at the forefront of its gameplay, and ties all of its systems back to the decisions you make about your compatriots.

A Traitor in Our Midst

To label Lost Dimension as either a traditional or modern JRPG would be a misnomer. Atlus’ newest PS3/Vita game shares a lot of the same tropes that we’ve come to expect from conventional Japanese roleplaying games, with a fresh approach to gameplay and world design that has the potential to pique your interest from the get-go.