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Lost Ark Articles

E3 2021: Lost Ark Is Coming Fall 2021 To The West Via Amazon Game Studios

One of the most highly requested games to come to the West, Lost Ark, is confirmed to be coming finally. Players will be able to drop the VPN and play on a client built specifically for the West this fall, with a beta coming this summer. Smilegate's free-to-play MMOARPG is one that many fans have been waiting for, but for the uninitiated, just what is Lost Ark?

CBT2 Preview - A Fast-Paced Play Style

For those not following along, Lost Ark is an action RPG MMO testing right now in South Korea. It has been extremely popular with MMO fans and presents a fast paced play style similar to Diablo. The game is doing very well and western fans have been trying to break into the closed beta as they have been launching. Here is what we know so far.