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Lost Ark Delayed Until 2022, Closed Beta Coming On November 4th

Lost Ark, the Korean MMOARPG from Smilegate and Amazon, was supposed to be launching this fall, finally bringing the much anticipated title to the West. However, in an announcement made via Twitter today, the teams have made the decision to delay the launch of Lost Ark into early 2022.

Lost Ark Breaks Down What's In Its Founder's Packs For Upcoming Free-to-Play MMOARPG

While Lost Ark is free-to-play, this doesn't mean Amazon and Smilegate won't want players to crack open their wallets and consume. As a result, the developers broke down the different Founder's Packs players can grab for the upcoming MMOARPG when it hits Western shores in the Fall.

Lost Ark Reveals The Striker Class For Korean Server

Lost Ark's Smilegate recently revealed its new Striker class, coming to the Korean MMO later this month.

New Classes Are Coming to Lost Ark in 2021

New classes and content are on their way for Lost Ark in early 2021. Here are the details.

Lost Ark - Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG Reach Publishing Agreement, Lost Ark Speculated

On August 19th Amazon announced an exclusive publishing agreement with Smilegate RPG. No details were given about the specific title Smilegate would be developing for Amazon, but recent rumblings have speculated Lost Ark would be the title headed to North America.

Is Lost Ark Coming to the West?

Is Lost Ark heading to the West? Well, according to one YouTuber's speculation and SmileGate's recruitment website, signs are looking potentially positive.

Lost Ark Gets Closed Beta Registration Date for Japan

Lost Ark has finally received a June 25 closed beta registration date for Japan. Here are the details.

EU and NA Won’t Receive Lost Ark in 2020

It looks like Lost Ark may not come to EU and NA in 2020 after all, despite Smilegate stating last year that the game may hit EU and NA someday.

Lost Ark Update Removes Genderlock, Adds Continent, More

Lost Ark has posted an update for Season 2 outlining several new changes.

Lost Ark Job Postings Point to Possible English Server Console Development

Lost Ark seemingly posts job recruitment for several positions for their English server.

Mail.ru Announces a Russian Demo Version of Lost Ark

From today through June 6th, Mail.ru will be running a demo version of Lost Ark in preparation for launch in Russia, presumably later this summer. The full game will not be available during the demo period, but it should give players a good taste of gameplay.

While Western Fans Pine for Lost Ark, Devs Lay Out the Road Ahead in Korea

Many fans in the west remain disappointed that no news has come out about the possible release of Lost Ark. Simultaneously, however, Korean players have been enjoying the Smilegate MMO for over a month since its release in March. With the game's release, developers are peering into the game's future and have posted a brief roadmap of content coming in the future.

New Lance Master Class Announced for Korean Version of Lost Ark

Now that the Korean version of Lost Ark has launched, Smilegate has announced a new class, the Lance Master. This new female melee class can alternate between two stances, Ambush for AoE attacks and Intensive for high damage attacks. Lance Masters can also charge their attacks using a new 3-section meter to further empower their combat abilities.

Rumors of Lost Ark Mobile Surface

The West doesn't even have a version of Lost Ark for players yet, but rumors are beginning to swirl in Korea that a mobile version of the game may already be in the works. According to media outlets, Smilegate is looking for developers with knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 (the PC version is built on Unreal Engine 3) to fill jobs in animation, scenario and combat animation and client development. Smilegate has waved away the rumors stating this is a "normal recruitment drive".

Turns Out Russia's Version of Lost Ark Will Probably be Region Locked After All

Earlier this week, we found that the FAQ for the Russian version of Lost Ark seemed to indicate that the game would not be region-locked when it launched. However, the FAQ has since been updated with a somewhat ambiguous statement that "the localizer reserves the right to impose regional restrictions on the basis of an agreement with the developer". Mail.ru further said that it has the right to publish Lost Ark to Russian-speaking nations in the CiS region.