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Lost Ark Articles

Thaemine Has Finally Arrived in KR Lost Ark - Who Will Claim World First?

Throughout its life, Lost Ark has defined itself by its raids. The MMOARPG just launched what is considered the grandaddy of them all - Thaemine - on the Korean servers. Anthony has their eyes on the race for the world first.

Lost Ark's Art of War Update Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

The Art of War update for Lost Ark brought the first Specialist advanced class. Kanishka found most of the update fun and refreshing, but the Tulubik Battlefield needs some real work. Find out more.

Analyzing Lost Ark's End of Year Roadmap

This Lost Ark roadmap is quite the juicy one, and will mark the end of the Legion Commander Raid mainline series that KR has had up until recently. We're also getting two new classes, back to back to back, and some unexpected content as well! Join Lowry as they break it down.

Lost Ark's Newest Content Patch is Overshadowed by Inflation

Lowry confronts an issue plaguing Lost Ark and overshadowing what should be an exciting addition to the MMOARPG: inflation.

The Quick and Dirty: Lost Ark's Summer Patch

Lowry takes a look at the latest Lost Ark update and breaks down his thoughts, covering the Event Guardians to Pet Ranch that has taken over Arkesia.

Lost Ark - Just Use Grudge

Anthony is here to tell you all to just use Grudge when you're looking for the best damage engraving in your Lost Ark escapades. Just use Grudge, y'all.

Lost Ark's June-July Roadmap: The Quick and Dirty

This past week, Amazon-Smilegate revealed their Lost Ark roadmap for June and July. A lot of it was expected, and some were surprising. Lowry breaks down what they are looking forward to with the upcoming content in the MMOARPG.

Opinion: Lost Ark's Biggest Obstacle Is Community Misinformation

Misinformation can spread quickly, whether we mean for it to or not. Anthony looks at the misinformation being spread across the Lost Ark community and how it's one of the games biggest obstacles to overcome.

Lost Ark: April's Patch and Current State of the Game

Developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon Game Studios launched the first major update patch for the action MMORPG Lost Ark NA version in April. Kevin has played through the new area of South Vern, tinkered with the Glaivier class, and looked at the new Super Express event. Read on about his thoughts on the current state of the game.   

Finally, Lost Ark's April And May Roadmap Has Been Revealed, We Break It Down

Lost Ark finally released their roadmap and Lowry breaks it down. They pick out what is good and what could be cause for some concern down the road. Check out their thoughts.

It's Okay To Take Your Time In Your Favorite MMO

Anthony breaks down the idea of FOMO and how it's okay to take your time, using his experience in Lost Ark as a perfect example why.

The Implications of Argos and Future Lost Ark Content

Lost Ark has had one of the most successful launches of nearly any MMO in history, yet players that remain are still looking for more content. Anthony explores Argos and the implications the content has on the MMO ARPG.

Lost Ark: Was Delaying It To 2022 The Right Decision?

The Lost Ark closed technical beta has come to an end. While Kevin's initial impressions haven't changed much, it has left him wondering where this MMORPG with ARPG roots fits into the existing offerings already available. Did Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games make the right decision delaying its release until early 2022? Read on to find out about his concerns.