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    Action RPG
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    Deck 13
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Lords of The Fallen Overview

Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG that its developers promise will offer challenging gameplay and increasing difficulty. Drawing comparisons to the Dark Souls games, Lords of the Fallen is a brand new IP with its own lore and systems that is built upon the idea of challenge as its own reward. Players will "cross that gap", according to the developers, "where learning skills and ultimately mastering them is the basis of fun and entertainment". While the game is combat-driven, it will also feature an original storyline, with NPCs and quests alongside its punishing mechanics and over the top enemies. The protagonist, Harkyn, will be affected when players make meaningful decisions that affect the rest of the game. These choices might even determine how you must play out what lies before you. FEATURES
  • Challenge-driven, Action RPG | Lords of the Fallen promises an emphasis on learning skills to overcome challenging gameplay.
  • Original Story, Meaningful Choices | The game follows Harkyn, a man with a dark past, who is sent to investigate talk of a fallen god's alleged awakening. What you decide could change your fate.
  • Three Classes, Open Skills | While you can choose from rogue, warrior, or cleric, your skills and stat allocation will be up to you to customize.