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World Chat Has Returned To The Lord of the Rings Online

Been Offline For Almost A Week

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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World chat has returned to The Lord of the Rings Online, allowing players to converse in the game again after almost a full week of the chat being turned off on all servers. This is after downtime that saw servers rise and fall over week-long period which seemingly ended after everything was brought back online last Friday. 

The announcement came via the game's Twitter account, confirming that after an extended downtime this morning all servers can now use world-chat again. As social an MMO as LotRO can be, not being able to converse with other players, talk in trade channels or worse - talk with your Kinmates - definitely takes a lot out of the experience. 

Hopefully this is a sign that the issues with The Lord of the Rings Online are mostly in the rear-view mirror. Yesterday, Rob Ciccolini, LotRO's executive producer took to the forums to express his apology and thank fans for sticking by the studio during the issues. While it doesn't feel like LotRO is out of the woods yet, this is definitely a step in the right direction. While the studio is still relatively silent on exactly what is going on, simply stating it's issues relating to the data center, they have started to give players coupon codes for Thank You consumables, as well as mentioning that they will be discussing VIP time compensation soon.


Joseph Bradford

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