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LOTRO Update 26.0.2 Release Notes Sees Quest Fixes and More

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Update 26.0.2 release notes for Lord of the Rings Online indicate several fixes for quests, UI, and more.

Downtime was scheduled for earlier today which ran from 8a – 12p ET. This downtime brings with it several fixes and tweaks to quests. For example, Advanced Slayer Deeds for Wells of Langflood have been introduced. The team notes that while these deeds do provide rewards, they will not be included in the Meta Deed Requirements.

Other fixes for quests include:

  • Defeating Hobgoblins now increments the Troll and Hobgoblin Slayer Deed.
  • Remmorchant - Fixed an issue that prevented players from skipping Bratha Tasakh on Tier 5 via Conquering the Remmorchant Progress.
  • Gorthad Nûr - Fixed the chests in this instance that were displaying incorrect names.

UI sees a minor fix as well which includes the Instrument and Housing Decoration Carry-alls description has been modified to now accurately reflect that the items place inside will lost crafted inscriptions. The update includes a few miscellaneous fixes as well, including:

  • Fixed an issue in the German and French language clients where Northern Gulmarks were missing their translation.
  • The current VIP gift, Medium Carry-all selection box, will no longer inappropriately deliver on a Monster Play character if they are the first character logged in on the account. Note: This will not resolve any issues with accounts that have already received the carry-all selection package on a monster play character. Impacted players should contact customer support in-game.


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