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LOTRO Previews 'Tournament of the Twins,' Coming Soon to Bullroarer Server

Plus some fixes

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The Tournament of the Twins has been teased for the Bullroarer Lord of the Rings Online server in Update 26.2 and will run for a limited time.

Upon reaching level 10, you’ll be able to choose to follow Elladan or Elrohir (Elrond’s sons) and gain honor through deed completion. By completing these deeds and gaining honor, you’ll be added to a leaderboard.

To begin, head to Bree-town or Gondamon and join Elladan or Elrohir’s faction. If you accept a quest from them, you’ll be able to take part in combat against those from the opposing faction. This is one way to earn honor.

Keep in mind, the only safe zones will be in Gondamon and Bree-town. Additionally, it’s worth noting that no experience can be gained in any instance after level 10 during the time of this event, including Instance Finder and quest instances.

The post also points to some fixes as part of this update:

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from changing floor types in their Hobbit-style homes.
  • Fixed a bug where female Stout-axes would switch to male after a name-change. (Not retroactive, if you have this issue please contact CS.)
  • Fixed a problem where housing decorations on yard hooks in interior spaces would disappear when being moved.
  • Quest: An Unexpected Request - The dwarf Grímyr has had his level set to 120.


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