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Lord of the Rings Online Shares Update 25.4.5 Release Notes

Contains some tweaks and fixes

By Poorna Shankar on April 16, 2020 | News | 0

Release notes for LOTRO’s Update 25.4.5 have been released. Here’s what’s inside.

The update is set to go live today. Various items have been tweaked and fixed. For example, Hobnanigans vendors have now exported some of their goods into Ered Luin. Additionally, face paint and chicken consumables have been fixed to correctly stack to 50 in the inventory. Here are the remaining patch notes:

  • The following steed granting items from the Buried Treasure event are no longer unique and will now be account bound instead of character bound: Treasure Laden Steed, Cave-claw Steed, Treasure Laden Goat, Harvest-brew Goat.
  • Carrying chicken consumable items available from Hobnanigans, and now also from buried treasure event barter, will now trigger a Consume Consumables deed on use.
  • The carrying chicken consumables channel will now properly break in combat if you are hit.
  • The barter costs of many items on the Hobnanigans rewards vendors have been reduced. The ability to barter for specific chicken tokens has been removed since it was no longer necessary.
  • "Patron" is still a disallowed character name, but will no longer be filtered when a player's profanity filter is enabled.


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