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Lord of the Rings Online Articles

LotRO's 'Salt Water' Tease For Next Year's Expansion Has Me Hoping For The Grey Havens

Last Friday during a Q&A with Lord of the Rings Online executive producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini, we got a tease of next year's fall expansion. The 'smell of salt water' has Bradford really interested in where LotRO could go here, possibly bringing the story back to more familiar roots.

How Do You And Your MMO Guild Celebrate Your Guild Anniversary?

Anniversaries are important in MMOs, whether they be the game itself celebrating one or players doing so. Bradford's Kinship in The Lord of the Rings Online turns 15 this year, and it got him thinking on Anniversaries past. How do you and your group celebrate?

LotRO's Monetization Changes Are Such A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Lord of the Rings Online recently announced a swathe of changes coming to its monetization model, and the change is quite the breath of fresh air. From making content free to all to increasing the amount players can enjoy before they have to pay, LotRO is ensuring that it could be around for quite some time.

MMORPG 2021 Year In Review: What Was Your Favorite MMORPG Story This Year?

As we say farewell to 2021, Bradford continues to look back on the MMOs that helped define the year. Specifically, the stories told within those game worlds. Has there been an MMORPG story that has been your favorite this year?

LotRO's Gundabad Echoes Moria, But Thankfully Doesn't Replicate Its Labyrinthine Ways

When Fate of Gundabad was announced and we knew we were going back into one of the lost Dwarvish strongholds in Middle-earth, Bradford's hope was we would see something really new. And while we don't have a simple retread of the past, Lord of the Rings' Gundabad is giving massive Moria vibes - in both good and bad ways.

I Really Regret Sleeping On The Dwarvish Stories In The Lord of The Rings Online

Dwarves. Not the Firstborn, or the Secondborn of Illuvatar, but rather the red-headed stepchildren of Middle-earth. This is a race that, admittedly, Bradford hasn't spent too much time thinking about in the fourteen years he's run around The Lord of the Rings Online. But prepping for Gundabad has made him quite upset he's slept on the wonderful stories Standing Stone Games has written for this solemn race.

How Often Does New Content Bring You Back To An Older MMO?

Fate of Gundabad, and the new Brawler class in The Lord of the Rings Online, is sure to bring back some players who dropped off the Middle-earth radar in the years since the last major expansion, Minas Morgul. It got Bradford wondering how often our readers return to older MMOs when they get new content.

Breaking Down LotRO's Legendary Item Revamp

The long, long awaited Legendary item revamp is finally coming to the Lord of the Rings Online. But how does the new system work? Check out our impressions from the preview server late last week!

How Did You Pick Your Favorite Class In An MMO?

With The Lord of the Rings Online players able to go hands on with the MMO's first class sincce 2014 today thanks to the Brawler hitting the Bullroarer test server, it got Bradford thinking about how he chose his favorite class in any MMO he plays. Spoiler alert: They are usually ranged.

What Was The First Dungeon That Hooked You On MMOs?

Everybody remembers their first. First dungeon that is - and the world of MMORPGs have a ton of them. But what was the first dungeon that really make you start to fall in love with the game - and the genre as a whole?

Lord of the Rings Online's Recent Communication Push Feels Like A Complete 180 - For The Better

Last year much of the discourse around The Lord of the Rings Online was one where the community didn't feel as though the team was doing as much as it could to communicate with its players. This was completely exacerbated thanks to the extended downtimes last year. However, the recent push with interviews, especially with new producer Raninia, it feels like Standing Stone Games has dome a complete 180 - for the better.

Is There An In-Game Title You Craved In Any MMO?

In game awards for your time are paramount to keeping players engaged, and Bradford can't think of one that players he speaks to love showing off more than a hard-to-earn character title. Is there a title you craved and had to have in any MMO you've played?

Weatherstock XIII Further Proves LotRO's Community Is Among MMO's Best

Weatherstock XIII took place over the weekend (We even streamed a little bit of it!) and one aspect Bradford could not shake was just how cool the Lord of the Rings Online community has been over the course of the game's life.

In-Game MMO Events Still Do Not Interest Me Like I Wish They Would

MMO in-game events are one major way to drum up community interaction as well as make things interesting every few months. Events themselves can come and go at predictable times, mostly repeating themselves year over year. And Bradford has never really been able to get into them.

OPINION: Amazon's Lord of the Rings MMO Canceling Isn't Surprising, But It Does Make Me Wonder What Could Have Been

Amazon and Leyou canceling their upcoming Lord of the Rings MMORPG is unsurprising, but it is a bit depressing. However, it does make Bradford wonder what could have been, from both a pure MMO standpoint and as a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan.