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Lord of the Rings Online Articles

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Favorite MMORPG Class, What Would It Be?

Classes in MMORPGs tend to follow a familiar pattern, with classes typically emphasizing roles that specialize in either damage, tanking or healing. The holy trinity dominates how classes are designed, but it doesn't have to dominate every aspect of how a class is played. If you could change one major thing about your favorite MMORPG class, what would it be?

Has There Ever Been A Zone In An MMO You Simply Hated?

Is there a zone in an MMO that makes you sick to your stomach at the prospect of running through it again? Bradford ruminates on his, The Lone Lands in The Lord of the Rings Online.

The RPG Files: Roleplaying Is Hard, Y'all

Bradford had his first of in-person role-playing in Dungeons & Dragons earlier this week in 20 years, and it reminded him that it's both hard and that there was a reason he stopped trying in the MMORPGs he played.

MMOSide Chat - Is There A Mechanic From Another Game You Wished Was In Your Favorite MMO?

Recently Bradford has been thinking about MMOs and some of the unique mechanics that each game tries to bring to the table. While not every mechanic would directly translate, it got him wondering: if you could choose any mechanic from any game to inject into your favorite MMO, which would it be and why?

MMOSide Chat - What's In A Name?

Bradford examines what's in a name in this edition of our fireside MMO chat column, MMOSide Chat.

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Favorite MMO, What Would It Be?

If you could play game director for your favorite MMO, whether it be live or sunset at this point, what would you change and why?

Has Your Favorite MMO Lost Some Of Its Initial Magic With You?

Bradford has noticed some of his favorite MMOs, LotRO in particular, have lost some of the magic they once held in his mind. He talks about this and how he's slowing starting to get that magic back.

MMOSide Chat - What Is Your Favorite MMO Soundtrack?

Music that accompanies games, especially MMOs, go a long way to set the mood and feel of a world. Bradford takes a look at his favorite MMO's music - what's yours?

MMOSide Chat - MMORPGs On Streaming Services - Do You Want Them?

With ESO hitting Stadia this week, Bradford wondered if there was an ideal MMO he'd like to see on a streaming platform.

MMOSide Chat - Was There Ever An MMO Mechanic That Didn't Quite Work For You?

MMOs add new mechanics all the time to spice up the gameplay. Sometimes they are game changing, making the experience feel much better overall. Other times they are a detriment, or simply don't quite change the game in a meaningful way. Has there ever been a much-anticipated mechhanic that just didn't do it for you?

The MMOSide Chat - What's Your Fondest MMORPG Moment?

A fireside chat about our fondest moments in our time playing MMORPGs.

Is The Lord of the Rings Online Too Expensive For New Players To Enjoy?

On my last article discussing Minas Morgul's story, the discussion in the forums turned to how The Lord of the Rings Online has monetized its content over the years. This got me thinking: Is the cost of entry to truly experience Middle-earth too steep for new players to overcome?

I Really Want To Face LOTRO's Balrog Again

There are few encounters I remember really well than the Balrog fight in The Lord of the Rings Online. The reason isn't simply because facing off against a "Demon of the Underworld" is memorable. It's has more to do with how my Kinship seeming formed an enmity for the Balrog of Morgoth.

The Lord of the Rings Online Nailed Moria's Sense Of Scale

On our recent Elder Scrolls Online livestream, myself and some buddies did a dungeon which took place in a massive underground building, almost cathedral-esque. Shank audibly said he could not get over the scale Zenimax Online Studios was able to create within the Vaults of Madness. I quickly responded saying nothing in gaming has compared to the first time I walked through the Doors of Durin and stepped foot inside Moria.

LOTRO's Upcoming Race Changes Have Me Excited

This past week, Standing Stone Games announced some upcoming additions players can expect with The Lord of the Rings Online’s expansion due out later this year. Not only was a new race announced, Stout Axe Dwarves, but also announced is a much anticipated feature I’ve personally been waiting for since High Elves came out a few years ago: race changes.