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Lord of the Rings Online Articles

Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online Hosts Q&A, Talks Gundabad Delay, River Hobbits and More

The LotRO community was able to ask questions directly of the developers at Standing Stone Games today thanks to an hour-long live Q&A hosted on Twitch by the Executive Producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini. This wasn't a simple one either, as Severlin fielded questions from everything such as the upcoming Gundabad expansion, PvMP changes to plans about upcoming races, such as River Hobbits.

LOTRO Update 28.2 Preview Available in Bullroarer Till Tomorrow

If you're looking to check out some monster play balance changes in Lord of the Rings Online, you have till tomorrow to preview Update 28.2 in the Bullroarer test server.

LotRO's New Mini-Expansion Is Giving Me Mixed Feelings

The Lord of the Rings Online's self-styled "mini-expansion" has definitely been controversial, so much so that it's giving Bradford, our resident LOTRO expert, mixed feelings. Is it truly something that should be called a "mini-expansion"or does it feel like a cash grab from what many feel is an inattentive studio?

MMOSide Chat - Do You Remember Buying Your First In-Game House?

MMOs and housing, they go hand in hand most of the time nowadays. They aren't in every MMO, but the ones that do have housing see their fanbases rave over the latest design aesthetics and more. But, there's still nothing like finding and buying your first home, whether in real life or in game. Do you remember buying your first MMO house?

UPDATE: LOTRO Update 28.1 Releases as Server Issues Affect Multiple Worlds

Server issues appear to be plaguing Lord of the Rings Online today as Update 28.1 releases.

Market Woes Plague LOTRO Since War of Three Peaks

Market purchases in Lord of the Rings Online have been affecting the MMO since the launch of War of Three Peaks.

The Lord of the Rings Online's War of Three Peaks Expansion Versions Finally Revealed, Releases Today

The controversial mini-expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online, War of Three Peaks, has finally been detailed by Standing Stone Games. On the expansions page, you can see what separates the different varied costs of War of Three Peaks, as well as check out a new trailer for the content update, which goes live today.

New Test Server Update For LOTRO Brings Scaleable Missions

The Lord of the Rings Online's test server is running again, and this time will allow players to test out new, scaleable missions. Additionally, the multi-tiered raid for The War of Three Peaks brings the fourth tier to the test server.

Hobnanigans Is Back in LOTRO

Are you a fan of Hobnanigans? It's now back in Lord of the Rings Online through October 4. Hurry, you only have a few days left!

LOTRO Brawler Class Confirmed, Not Coming to War of Three Peaks

In case this flew under your radar, Lord of the Rings Online Community Manager, Cordovan, confirmed the Brawler class, though we won't see it in War of the Three Peaks.

LOTRO's War of the Three Peaks Receives Raid, Instances, and More on Bullroarer

Standing Stone Games has provide notes for LOTRO's Update 28 including new details for War of the Three Peaks.

LOTRO Community Manager Vague On Mini-Expansion Details

In a recent conversation on the forums, LOTRO's Community Manager Cordovan appeared a bit vague in providing details regarding mini-expansions.

The Lord of the Rings Online Preview Server Live With Update 28 , New Zone Reportedly Leaked

Lord of the Rings Online's next update, War of Three Peaks, is coming soon and the preview server offers a first glimpse at exactly what players can expect from the accompanying update.

LOTRO Celebrates Bilbo's Birthday, Delays Harvestmath Festival

You are all invited to celebrate Bilbo Baggins(es) birthday in Lord of the Rings Online through September 23.

MMOSide Chat - What Is Your Favorite MMO Soundtrack?

Music that accompanies games, especially MMOs, go a long way to set the mood and feel of a world. Bradford takes a look at his favorite MMO's music - what's yours?