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Lord of the Rings Online Articles

Mordor Soundtrack Review - Epic Storytelling Through Music

The opportunity to listen and comment on Mordor, the soundtrack for the latest Lord of the Rings Online expansion, has been a great privilege. For over ten years Chance’s music has accompanied me on my journey through Middle-earth from The Shire, Moria, Rohan, and now to Mordor. I approached this piece both with trepidation and wistful nostalgia.

May the Orcs Be With You

While May the Fourth might be considered a Star Wars holiday due to the pun (“May the Fourth be with you!”), it's also the day that Lord of the Rings Online publisher Turbine intends on launching Update 16, titled The Ashes of Osgiliath. In preparation of this launch, Community Manager Andy Cataldo facilitated a livestream preview for the public. We were there and brought back this report!

The Curious Case of Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is one of the more well-known MMOs, even given its advancing age. The latest expansion has come out but is time running out on Turbine's license? In today's Tourist, we take a look at LOTRO and implications for the future. Read on before heading to the comments to join the discussion.

Wayback Wednesday: LotRO Galore

In our first Wayback Wednesday of 2013, we take a look at Lord of the Rings Online, a perennial favorite around here. Rob takes a look at a few parting goodies the team let out there before heading out for the holidays. Find out what's in store for LOTRO players as 2013 gets underway. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Update 6 - Soldiers on the Landscape

Turbine recently released Update 6 which gives players a lot of new territory to explore in the Great River Region. We've got a preview of what players can expect. Read on!

Mounted Combat: A PVP Success?

One of the more exciting features to be announced for the Riders of Rohan expansion to Lord of the Rings Online is mounted combat. This has gotten a lot of players very excited yet some wonder whether it will make it into LOTRO's version of PvP, Monster Play. Read on and then weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments.

Bang for Your Buck: LotRO

In the second installment of Adam Tingle's Bang for Your Buck series, Lord of the Rings falls under the microscope. The goal of BFYB is to find a "free to play game" that is truly, or at least mostly, F2P. See how Lord of the Rings Online measures up to Bang for Your Buck. Leave us your thoughts in the comments when you're through!

F2P Survivor Guy & LOTRO

MMORPG.com writer Adam Tingle has been on a quest to find great free-to-play games. Delving into our site's Game List, Adam has spent time playing F2P games, both good and not so good. This week, Adam takes time to look at Lord of the Rings Online, recently turned F2P by Warner Interactive and Turbine. See what Adam thinks of Middle Earth in its newest incarnation and whether or not it is worthy of your time.

Five Reasons to Be Concerned about LotRO F2P

MMORPG.com's Bill Murphy writes the companion to his previous "Five Reasons to be Excited about LotRO F2P", examining the other side of the coin.


MMORPG.com columnist Justin Webb writes this article on the music system in Lord of the Rings Online and how social only features in MMOs are hard to come by.