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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 04/24/07)  | Pub:Daybreak Games
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Download,Retail | Retail Price:n/a | Pay Type:Hybrid | Monthly Fee:$14.99
System Req: PC Mac | ESRB:TOut of date info? Let us know!

Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online is the premier MMORPG set in J.R.R. Tolkien’s wondrous world of Middle-earth, brought to life through those most famous of books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and wonderfully portrayed in Peter Jackson’s movies. LOTRO brings you into the timeline of the events of The Lord of the Rings story, and sets you on a path that parallels the Fellowship of the Ring, aiding them on their journey to Mordor by performing tasks and adventurous deeds surrounding their path across Middle-earth.

You choose your character from a selection of races: Man, Elf, Dwarf, and Hobbit. Nine classes are also available, inspired by famous characters from the books, such as Burglar (Bilbo Baggins, Champion (Gimli son of Glóin), Lore-Master (Elrond Halfelven), and others. In your exploits against the Shadow growing in the East, you’ll meet those extraordinary heroes, and many others, and be given tasks by them to support Frodo’s mission, quest, thing.

As in the books and the movies, LOTRO brings Middle-earth into vivid and spectacular detail, only this time you get to experience it all in first-person view! Hobbiton, the whole of The Shire, Bree, Weathertop, Rivendell, Mirkwood, the Mines of Moria, Lothlórien, and many other places may be traveled to and adventured in, solo or with your own loyal Fellowship.

With a consistently updated storyline by way of installments called ‘books’, a variety of special in game events throughout the year, Monster Play (PvP), quality roleplaying choices, player housing, and many other options, Turbine is keeping LOTRO one of the most impressive MMORPGs on the market today. Oh, and it can all be enjoyed for free!


  • Man | The Race of Destiny, as Tolkien called them, more varied than the other races, from the Dunédain of the North, the Horse-lords of Rohan, the soldiers of Gondor, the Haradrim in the far East.
  • Elf | The oldest race in Middle-earth, tall, graceful, and in the midst of leaving Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age, but not before lending their incredible skills to the defeat of Sauron.
  • Dwarf | Excellent warriors and master craftsmen, but also very secretive, living in their deep underground homes, but now have come out into the open to stand with Middle-earth against the Shadow.
  • Hobbit | Halflings of modest and simple bearing, very content with the quiet life, and yet who were destined to have the greatest impact of all the races in the fight to save Middle-earth.


  • Burglar | Inspired by Bilbo Baggins; masters of stealth, tricks, and startling attacks.
  • Captain | Inspired by Eärnur, the last King of Gondor; armored melee fighters who inspire and lead others in battle, along with their Herald companions.
  • Champion | Inspired by Gimli son of Glóin; consummate warriors, with unrelenting strength and combat prowess.
  • Guardian | Inspired by that most loyal of hobbits, Samwise Gamgee; stout protectors, most proficient at shielding allies from harm.
  • Hunter | Inspired by Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood; master survivalists in field and forest, and the most deadly fighters with bows, traps, and dual-weapons.
  • Lore-Master | Inspired by Elrond Halfelven, Elf-lord and Master of Rivendell; masters of ancient lore, capable of using their vast knowledge and wisdom to call on the strength and powers of the natural world.
  • Minstrel | Inspired by Lúthien Tinúviel, the Sindarin princess known as the Morning Star of the Elves; skilled at using the power of music for healing, and for channeling their Ballads, Anthems, and War-speech.
  • Rune-keeper | Inspired by the master Elf-smith Celebrimbor, the one who forged the Rings of Power; masters of Angerthas and Tengwar runes, and their use in healing allies or attacking foes.
  • Warden | inspired by Haldir, the marchwarden of Lothlórien, and his brothers Rúmil and Orophin; military-trained mobile melee warriors, masters of shield and javelin.


  • Middle-earth | Simply put, the greatest fantasy world ever created.
  • Deep, Balanced Gameplay | Play as one who is directly or indirectly fighting Sauron’s threatening influence, one who has joined the Shadow openly or secretly, or as one who is simply going about a daily life.
  • Compelling Combat | Intense combat action, whether it’s out in the wilds of Middle-earth, or in Skirmishes, Instances, Raids, or Player vs. Monster Player (PvMP).
  • Epic Advancement | Over 3,000 quests throughout Middle-earth, encompassing 65 levels and hundreds of available Deeds, Traits, and Titles.
  • Skills and Professions | Seven vocations (Armourer, Armsman, Explorer, Historian, Tinker, Woodsman, Yoeman) with ten professions (Cook, Farmer, Tailor, Forester, Woodworker, Prospector, Jeweller, Scholar, Weaponsmith, Metalsmith) and seven tiers of proficiency each.
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Lord of the Rings Online: Legendary Servers Reignite A Legendary Community

Lord of the Rings Online: Legendary Servers Reignite A Legendary Community - Lord of the Rings Online News

The Lord of the Rings Online has been home for Tolkien and classic MMORPG fans for over 11 years now. Players have followed the story from humble origins all the way to Mordor and the destruction of the Ring. Now they have a chance to start that journey afresh with new characters on new Legendary servers. We're there to share our experience with you. Here is our The Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server review.

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Due to Heavy Demand, a Second Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Opens

Due to Heavy Demand, a Second Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Opens - Lord of the Rings Online News

A lot of players are pretty jazzed about the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server program that allows them to participate in the game "the way it was", though with a few modern enhancements and additional races / classes to spice things up. Demand is so high, in fact, that a second Legendary server is now open with free character transfers for those willing to shift to "Ithil".

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Anor, the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server, Launches

Anor, the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server, Launches - Lord of the Rings Online News

Are you ready to return to Middle-earth? If so, you'll be primed to head into Anor, the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server. The doors to Anor have swung open and we have a couple of tidbits of interesting information for you before you log in and get started on your trip down memory lane.

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Lord of the Rings Online's Legendary Sever Lets You Travel the Storied Paths of Middle-earth

Lord of the Rings Online's Legendary Sever Lets You Travel the Storied Paths of Middle-earth - Lord of the Rings Online News

When the Lord of the Rings Online Legendary server "Anor" launches tomorrow, players will be transported back in time to relive the storied roads of Middle-earth as imagined in the beloved MMO. Standing Stone considers it more than "just vanilla", however, as new classes and races that were not present from the start will be playable and a number of technical improvements made since the initial launch will remain in place for a smoother, more bug free experience.

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Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Named, Start Time Announced

Lord of the Rings Online Legendary Server Named, Start Time Announced - Lord of the Rings Online News

The Legendary server for Lord of the Rings Online now has a name: Anor. In addition, the team revealed that the start time for the "vanilla" LOTRO server will be on Thursday, November 8th at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern!

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