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Lord of Chains Overview

Lord Of Chains is a massive turn based multi-player online role playing game. The game itself is produced by the developers and can be played straight from your browser. The game has two races and several subclasses. Each subclass has a unique stat boost to an ability over other players of different subclasses. The game is a fantasy game based between the Ancient Gods and the Underworld. In no way, shape or form is the game affiliated with any religion, nor is the game play or style based on any religious beliefs. Characters in the game such as the Gods and Devils are fictional and do not to refer to any one in specific or any religious figure.

  • Completely Free | This game is 100% free and will always remain free!. You do not and will not have to pay to play. Whether you wish to donate or subscribe is up to you.
  • Can be played from PC or mobile | You can play directly from your computer and you can also play from your mobile. You can find out more via the game updates once logged in.
  • Two Races & Multiple Subclasses | There are two main races: Gods and Devils. Under each race, is 3 subclasses. Each subclass has a unique stat bonus or ability, which can be found below. There are 4 types of stats: Offense, Defense, Espionage Assault and Intelligence Defense. Each one of these categories has several stats under it. These bonuses are permanent and still apply whether it is God's hour or Devil's hour.