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Living After War Overview

L.A.W. is a free-to-play post-nuclear war action MMO set on a dark and ruined Earth. Players take the roll of a character from either of two factions: from the portion of people who escaped the war on board the spaceship Tomorrow, now returning to their homeworld, or as one of the Nak, genetically superior descendants from the part of civilization who stayed on Earth and lived through the war and the two centuries since.

L.A.W.’s grim sci fi vision of the future puts players into battles to rebuild Earth’s civilization, through large-scale ground and air RTS combat. Three character classes are available to choose from, sans skill trees, allowing players to openly choose which skills to gain for their characters. In the struggle for valuable resources, players may engage in ground and air combat at the same time, taking direct control of tanks and helicopters and many other items of warfare to annihilate opponents with.


  • Post-apocolyptic Sci Fi MMO | A unique setting in the genre, L.A.W. sets the stage for a rich and gloomy story.
  • RTS PvP | Open and persistent real-time combat, 24/7!
  • PvE Instances | Delve underground with a highly proficient team of allies to take on and defeat a multitude of creatures and boss monsters for valuable resources.
  • Character Occupations | Choose from Esper, Ghost, and Warrior, and enjoy the freedom to put together your own skill sets.