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Lineage Articles

NCSoft-Owned Baseball Team Celebrates Championship With Lineage Sword

Korean Baseball team, the NC Dinos, recently won the Korean Baseball Organization's championship. It's notable, not because the team went 4-2 over the Doosan Bears, but that the team is owned by MMO publisher NCSoft. So of course they celebrated in a huge way.

Just When You Think You've Heard It All

According to a report at Kotaku, a 64-year-old Korean woman tried to sue NCSoft for a reported $28,000 when she "lost" an ultra rare sword through a botched enchantment. When she notified Lineage game masters and, later, NCSoft of the issue, restoration of the item was refused, hence the lawsuit.

North American Servers Closing in June

According to a new post from NCSoft on the Lineage site, the North American game servers will be closing permanently on June 29, 2011. NCSoft indicates that the 'franchise is no longer profitable', hence the server closure.

Year-Long Events Scheduled for 10th Anniversary

NCSoft has reminded players that 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of Lineage. The team has lots of special events that will lead up to the actual 'birthday' in October including contests, giveaways and players will be given a special in-game gift as well.

Tikal and Antharas Update Deployed

NCSoft and the Lineage development team have announced that the Tikal and Antharas update is now live. The update brings new quests, dungeons and enemies into the game. To celebrate the new update, a reactivation campaign will run from November 10-24, 2010. Returning players will be able to play for free during the campaign.

Updated & PAX Fan Meet Up

Lineage has been updated recently with 'Crack of Time'. The update brings along two new character classes, additional character slots, a new instanced dungeon and an overhauled new player experience. NCSoft and Lineage I/II devs will be on hand at this year's PAX in Seattle, WA and are inviting fans to stop by to say hi.

Season 3 Update

NCSoft has announced that Season 3, Episode 1 "Crack of Time" will debut on July 29th on the public test server. Crack of Time will feature new classes, a new dungeon and overhauled content.

Episode U Now Live!

Episode U is the latest update to hit the venerable NCsoft MMORPG Lineage. Episode U fine tunes a decades worth of Lineage content, while also introducing new content, including: new zones, new boss encounters, Pet Racing and Death Match mini-games, and tons of new quests.

Christmas Event

NCsoft has announced the Global Lineage Christmas Event. The event, which runs from December 23rd to January 6th, 2010 will allow players to take on the guise of Santa Claus and ride a Rudolph mount. While riding the mount, players will receive a new gift every 15 minutes which will appear directly in their inventory.

Thanskgiving Event Now Live!

The Lineage Thanksgiving Event is now live! The event, which runs from November 25th through November 30th is really quite simple. All players will receive double XP and all polymorphs will be unlocked.

Episode 6 and Episode U Released

NCsoft has announced the release of Episode 6, The Lastavard - Inevitable Destiny, and Episode U for Lineage in North America.

Episode 5 Release Details

Lineage updates the game with Episode 5.

Halloween Event

The folks over at Lineage have announced their plans for a Halloween event that will be taking place between October 26th and November 3rd.