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The Quiz: Lineage Edition

Drew Wood Posted:
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the E3 edition of the Quiz. I won't be focusing on E3 with the questions because, well, this is being written well before the conference is starting and I really have no basis for the questions. You'll be seeing some good content from the convention here at MMORPG.com, and of course, our two sister sites, RTSGuru.com and FPSGuru.com. Instead, this week we'll be taking a look at a game that we're going to have to say goodbye to on June 29th here in the west: Lineage. So while we toil away down at E3, take a stroll through the quiz and help us pay homage to one of the true genre-defining titles. Enjoy!

Q: Name the seven available classes in Lineage and, for fun, let's do it alphabetically!


Q: That was fun. So which of those classes is the only one that can form and control a "blood pledge", Lineage's equivalent of a guild?


Q: Lineage is one of the first true MMORPGs, as we know them now. So what year was it released in? Bonus Points: Why not give me the month and day, too!


Q: What is the name of the lands in which Lineage takes place?


Q: All new Knights, Elves and Dark Elves all start in the same region; What's it called?


Q: Name the six abilities that, at character creation, you can adjust. Hint: DnD players shouldn't have much trouble with this question.


Q: All new Wizards and Royals (Prince/Princess) all start in the same region as well; What's theirs called?


Q: True or False: Lineage is available in both Windows and Mac OS


Q: The game was originally based on a preexisting property. What medium (movie, tv, video games, etc.) was the property previously presented in?


And that is my goodbye to one of the genre's giants. Goodbye, Lineage. You will be missed by many players here in the west. It's always sad to see, but let's all pour some on the curb for our fallen ally. For the Lineage players out there, enjoy the game right up until the last day and let us know how much you love the game right here in the comments. Until next week.


Drew Wood