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Lineage 2 Articles

Sponsored Lineage 2 Essence Brings Classic Lineage To Players (SPONSORED)

Lineage 2 Essence is an alternative version of the legendary Lineage 2, and it brings with it many quality of life features to help a busy MMO player stay engaged.

Sponsored Lineage 2 Essence - Familiar World, New Experiences (Sponsored)

Lineage 2 Essence is a new take on the popular MMORPG – Lineage 2. This streamlined version of the long-running MMORPG aims to bring players that classic feel without a punishing time commitment.

Lindvior Arrives May 29th - Dragon Rising begins NOW!

Lineage II players looking to get a jump on the release of the huge content update, Lindvior, on May 29th will want to check out a great series of in-game events tailored to pave the way. Check out our exclusive announcement of how this can be accomplished!

New Items in Gracia Final

The team from NCsoft has provided us with this developer journal discussing the new items, weapons, armor, capes and cloaks available with Gracia Final.

Changes to Combat with Gracia Final

The developers over at NCosft have provided MMORPG.com with this new developer journal looking at the combat additions coming from the game's newest expansion, Gracia Final.

Introducing the Continent of Gracia

The folks at NCsoft have provided us with a new developer journal and screenshots which introduce us to the new continent of Gracia, which will be added to the game with the game's next free expansion, Gracia Final.

Gracia Update Revealed

NCsoft has announced several changes to Lineage II with the upcoming Gracia update, which include the introduction of the Vitality System, and efforts to reduce 'the grind' and entry barriers to new players by allowing players to level faster.

What’s So Cool about Hellbound

The Lineage II North American Dev Team has provided us with this new developer diary entitled, "What’s So Cool about Hellbound and the 4th Anniversary Edition".

Hellbound Pet System Enhancements

The good folks over at Lineage II have provided us with this dev diary concerning the pet system enhancements that are coming with the Hellbound expansion due later this month.

Hellbound’s Steel Citadel

NCsoft recently prepared this non-exclusive dev journal which provides an overview of the Steel Citadel in Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne – The Kamael: Hellbound. Inside the dangerous Steel Citadel, players will need to take advantage of the new level 85 level cap to battle against the epic boss Beleth.

Interlude Dev Journal

Tim Tan, the Associate Producer for NCsfot's Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne, lets us in on the newest free update to the game, Interlude.

PvP Combat in C5

L2 talks about changes to PvP.