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Lineage 2 Essence Overview

Lineage 2 Essence is a free to play version of the legendary game,
where anyone can conquer solo both PvP and PvE content.
Only Lineage 2 Essence has a new class — Death Knight,
and now a pet system!

In Essence, players can enjoy the MMO while still being able to keep up with their lives outside Lineage 2. The game’s auto-hunt feature makes it easier to grind and progress while you take care of other projects. Essence will use consumables and skills to grind away in zones, giving you the benefit while not being forced to sit in front of your screen for hours. 

The team behind Essence drastically changed the archetypes, such as the mage, archer, tank and more, giving players the buffs and skills needed at level 20 to survive on their own in the world. These skills can be looped, giving you the ability to sit yourself down in a spot, turn on the buffs and grind away. As such, solo players can feel comfortable leveling by themselves in Lineage 2 Essence - and thanks to the self-buffs even healers can level quickly like archers and mages. 


  • Exclusive new class: the Death Knight!
  • Pet System, featuring six unique companions to grow and develop.
  • New Modes: Antharas' Lair and Cruma Tower
  • Fast Leveling
  • Regular Olympiad and Weekly Sieges
Lineage 2 Essence's Freezing Update Arrives This Summer

The next big update for Lineage 2: Essence is called the Freezing Update. And, perhaps paradoxically, it's set to arrive this summer. Here's what you can expect in the game's next big update.

Sponsored Lineage 2 Celebrates Its Anniversary! (SPONSORED)

The first official server of the legendary MMORPG in Europe was released 9 years ago, and the latest alternative version of the game - Lineage 2 Essence - was launched just a year ago. Let's find out what the game is about! (SPONSORED)