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Line of Defense Articles

Closed Beta Apps Reopen

3000ad has announced that Closed Beta Test applications are once again being accepted on the Line of Defense site. In addition, by simply signing up you can receive a free Starter Kit which will grant you immediate access to the game.

Early Access Packages Detailed

3000 A.D. has announced that early access packages for its forthcoming game, Line of Defense, are now available via Steam. Players can purchase LoD in one of three different tiers: Commander ($99.99), Ambassador ($69.99) and Emissary ($39.99). Each package will contain a series of in-game rewards as well.

Headed for Early Access Beta in July

3000 AD has announced that its MMOFPS, Line of Defense, will make its debut on Steam in July as part of the beta process. The beta will featured a staggered content release to give the team time to adequately test features in the game.

Tactics - A Solid Addition to the Squad-Based RTS Genre

Line of Defense: Tactics by game studio 3000AD is an RTS game designed for mobile devises and currently ported to the PC and MAC. It is small squad combat and is a companion game to the upcoming MMO Line of Defense where you control a patrol of four Galactic Commandos (yes… another name for space marines), each with different skills, infiltrating rebel bases, basically killing everything in your way.

Multiplatform 'Tactics' Tie In Released

3000 AD has announced that the tie in to Line of Defense has been released across several platforms including PC, iOS, Android and Mac. Called "Tactics", the game puts players in charge of a team of four strike team members.

LoD: Tactics Tie In Now Available

Line of Defense is a forthcoming MMO, currently in development. To get players ready for the LoD universe, the team has released a new strategy-tactics title playable on laptops, mobile devices, and PCs. Called Line of Defense: Tactics, players take control of four mercenaries and send them off on missions.

E3 2012 Preview

We stopped by 3000AD's Derek Smart to check up on the development of his upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS, Line of Defense. Read on to find out what we learned!

New Screens Show Grandeur

The Line of Defense team has released several new screenshots to show off the immensity of the in-game locations. You can see them all in our Line of Defense screenshot gallery.

New Screens Released

3000 AD has released several new screens from its upcoming MMO "Line of Defense". The screens feature several environment shots as well as a couple that show off some of the in-game weaponry. Check them all out in our Line of Defense gallery.

New Dev Diary Details & LoD Comic Announced

In a new developer blog post on the Line of Defense site, Derek Smart lays out details about the size of the game's universe and how many players he expects will be able to take part in game play at any given time. In addition, Smart reveals some of the back story that the game will utilize and indicates that it is a universe that has been in development since the 80s.

FPSGuru.com | GDC 2012 Preview

Michael Bitton got a chance to check out Line of Defense at GDC this year on behalf of FPSGuru.com. Find out what he thinks of Derek Smart's latest venture.

Derek Smart Heading for Redemption?

In a new article at Vox, Derek Smart discusses his journey to his latest game, Line of Defense. Smart considers the upcoming MMOFPS to be his last chance at redemption in an industry that has been, well, difficult for him. Even that said, Smart is 'aiming for perfection' and hoping that Line of Defense may be the ticket.

New Trailer Debuts

3000AD has sent out the first trailer from its upcoming MMO, Line of Defense. The trailer shows off some of the wicked combat that players can expect from the game that's set to hit the airwaves later in 2012.

New PR Firm Ready to Ramp Up Information

Derek Smart's Line of Defense is ready to unleash more information to the gaming world with the hiring of Evolve PR. To celebrate the announcement of the new PR firm, Line of Defense devs have released five brand new screenshots from the upcoming MMO.

New Screens from GDC2011

The Line of Defense team took advantage of GDC2011 to officially reveal new screenshots from the Alpha stage of the game. Head on over and check them out, then let us know what you think