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Big New Features Coming in v0.7 on August 29th

The Lifeless site has been updated with a preview of the new features that will be released on August 29th. Among other things, players can look forward to the addition of new skills packed into a tiered skill tree to bring new abilities to bear in the game.

TheHiveLeader's Rant

Want a new game in zombie survival genre? Whaddya mean no? This is Lifeless! May 2021. Ten years have passed since patient zero. Ten years since the world turned into an infected wasteland... Two factions fight over resources, whilst battling an ever growing menace of infected humans. How will you choose to survive? Want more MMO news? Visit http://www.mmorpg.com Want more HiveLeader? Visit http://www.thehiveleader.com

Rising from the Grave into Early Access

Green Man Publishing has announced that Lifeless has arrived on Steam Early Access. Developed by Rigid-Soft, Lifeless has been in development for about two years and has been successfully transferred to Unreal 4. The team is anxious to get community feedback in order to bring a solid multiplayer experience to players.

Laying the Smack Down in New PvP-Centric Trailer

Rigid-Soft and Green Man Gaming have sent out the latest trailer from the forthcoming zombie survival MMO Lifeless. In this video, viewers get a chance to see how PvP will manifest in the game that will be hitting Steam Early Access on June 16th. Check it out!

Early Access Prepared for June 16th

Green Man Gaming and developer Rigid-Soft have announced that Lifeless will be arriving on Steam Early Access beginning June 16th. Players will be able to choose one of two factions and take the battle to one another as well as against marauding zombies that inhabit the post-apocalyptic world in an epic battle for survival.

It's Not All About PvP - New Trailer Spotlights PvE

The latest Lifeless trailer has been released that shows how players will have PvE activities to participate in as well as faction-based PvP. The video shows how players will take it to the resident zombies with melee weapons and getting 'up close and personal' in the process.

Ready for Steam Early Access in June, Presale Begins

Green Man Gaming has sent word that its zombie-themed survival MMO, Lifeless, is readying for its Steam Early Access premier in June 2016. For the time being, Lifeless is available for pre-purchase at a bargain price of $17.99 with the regular price coming in at $19.99 later on.

The Foreboding World Revealed

Greenman Gaming has posted a new video from Lifeless, the up-and-coming MMO that pits two factions in an epic struggle for survival. The trailer shows off the foreboding locations throughout the game world as well as some of the loot players can expect to collect. Check it out and let us know what you think!

First Trailer Shows Off a Visceral Ultra Violent World

Rigid-Soft and Green Man Gaming have released one of the first new trailers for the ultra-violent zombie survival game called Lifeless. The game takes place in a persistent open world with faction gameplay. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.