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LEGO Universe Articles

Hands On with the Gnarled Forest

MMORPG.com writer Bill Murphy recently had the opportunity for a hands-on look at LEGO Universe and its Gnarled Forest. The Gnarled Forest is one of the many 'themed islands' that make up the LEGO Universe. Check out Bill's zone preview!

Hands-On Preview

Jon Wood scored an opportunity for a hands-on look at one of the most eagerly anticipated MMOs coming down the pike: LEGO Universe. What he found out was that this "kids'" game has a lot more going for it than some would think. Jon thinks it's a sure fire hit destined to appeal to kids and adults. LEGO Universe seems to have it all!

A CES Look at LEGO Universe

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh was recently at CES. While there, she got some preview time with the upcoming NetDevil MMO, Lego Universe.

First Look Preview

MMORPG.com's Dana Massey recently traveled to the NetDevil offices to take a preliminary look at their upcoming MMO based on everyone's favorite stackable blocks from Denmark.