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Something For Everyone to Love

When you think of Funcom, you probably think of dark, immersive stories and gameplay that is more adult-oriented, which is why LEGO Minifigures Online might have come as a surprise. The game, which saw its original free to play release last fall, is relaunching as a buy to play game today after many changes and polish.

Beta Hands-on

Thanks to a string of successful LEGO video games and a hit LEGO Movie, LEGOs are once again a big part of mainstream culture. That means the time is right for an online LEGO game, and Funcom's seizing the opportunity. Launching this summer, LEGO Minifigures Online is currently in beta, and in its present state, though missing a good chunk of its final content is already more fun than a barrel of Minifigures.

You Got Diablo in My LEGO!

The team at Funcom was able to meet with us about their new MMO at GDC. It was not crazed wizards and hardy barbarians, nor was it wild factions hiding magic in today’s society. It was LEGO. LEGO Minifigures Online captures what is so much fun about action RPGs and online worlds in a game that both adults and kids will enjoy. Executive Producer Lawrence Poe was on hand to explain working in the LEGO world.