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Legends of Aria Hotfix Tweaks Crafting and More

Plus alchemy tweak

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Another day, another round of glorious hotfix patch notes for Legends of Aria.

On the docket today is crafting, among other things. Crafting received a few fixes with respect to item types repeating, and issues with certain items not always showing up as trivial,

  • Fixed issue where some item types crafted by “Scroll of the Artificer” were producing the same set over and over.
  • Fixed issue where items that had a 100% chance to be craftable were not always showing as trivial in the crafting window.
  • Lockboxes with only the key inside can be added to crafting orders without having to remove the key.
  • Mana regen, stamina regen, and health regen effects have been added to armor crafted by artificers or dropped by the enhanced loot system. They range from levels 1 to 5. (ie. Health Regen I, II, III, IV, V)

Combat received some tweaks as well. Well, specifically, one tweak where animal tamers and bards can now gain evasion bonuses which will be based on skill level. This hotfix also includes some miscellaneous fixes as well touching on crafting recipes, alchemy resources, and Icharis’s Tear.

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Poorna Shankar

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