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Legends of Aria Hotfix Is All About Lore

Plus some general fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent hotfix for Legends of Aria focuses almost entirely on lore.

Specifically, a new tome collection called The Dungeons of Celador is available. You’ll be able to delive into the Dungeons of Contempt, Corruption, Deception, Ruin. The Celedorian Historian title was also touched on,

  • The two Elder Mages recently introduced in the Valus Mage Tower, Didacus and Ismeria, are now offering to accredit your historical discoveries! Show them a completed Catalog to earn a new title, the “Celadorian Historian”. 
  • Be aware that you can only hold this title while your Accredited Catalog is entirely completed, so you will have to re-earn it as new tomebook topics are introduced in the future.

Additionally, any empty tomebooks which are bookshelves will no longer display numbers along their spines. Moreover, you can only remove these tomebooks from the shelves if you’re a Plot Owner, and not a Non-Stranger.

Some other general fixes include:

  • Mounted players should be properly seated on normal and armored horse saddles.
  • Awakening Ghosts in Frozen Tundra should no longer drop Meat.
  • Fighter profession quest 2.5 (The Dead Rise) should now correctly track Lich kills in Ruin.
  • Fixed performance issues with bookshelves on player plots.


Poorna Shankar

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