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Legends of Aria Hotfix Addresses PvE, Combat, More

Plus hearth, campfires, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It’s time for another hotfix for Legends of Aria, this time providing some updates to PvE, combat, and more.

Several updates were outlined for PvE following the release of Point Release 10 earlier. These changes include:

  • Barren Lands cultists upgraded to new AI and enhanced loot drops.
  • Pirate’s Grotto has been updated with new AI and enhanced loot. The pirates have begun to venture out of the grotto.
  • Deception dungeon spawns have been revamped and all monsters in Deception moved to the new AI with enhanced loot drops.
  • All dynamic spawn events have had their monsters upgraded to the new AI and now drop enhanced loot.

Combat also received several updates pertaining to Echo Beam, player pets, and blocking attacks. Campfires also saw updates for kindling, tooltips, extinguished decay, and more. The update also touches on Hearth updates including:

  • Players must stay within 10 meters of a hearth to keep the vitality regeneration effect provided by listening to a bard.
  • Hearth will now apply a buff to players that informs players, in the tooltip, that they can listen to a bard to restore vitality.


Poorna Shankar

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