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Latest Legends of Aria Hotfix Adds New Bazaar Features

Plus winners of the deco competition

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Yesterday’s hotfix for Legends of Aria’s recently released Point Release 10 adds new bazaar features.

Some new features include some quality of life improvements, such as filters being sorted to be ordered alphabetically. Others extend to UI such as enchants listing across three rows now. Some more improvements to the bazaar include:

  • Weapons can now be filtered by “Weapon Type"
    • Physical damage weapons allow you to sub-filter by “Weapon Damage”
    • Mage weapons allow you to sub-filter by “Attunement Level”
  • Runebooks will now appear in the bazaar search results if the user directly filters to them;
    • [Category] Books → [Book Type] Runebooks
  • Tome books have their own filter under the “Book” category.
  • Furniture can now be filtered by “Furniture Type”
  • Resources can now be filtered by “Resource Type”
  • Scrolls can now be filtered by “Spell Difficulty”

Additionally, the deco competition winners have been announced. The Crimson Sea winner is Daeviah’s plot which included custom books, alchemy tables, and more to create a pretty unique plot. Ethereal Moon players voted for the Toast Denir Mansion featuring a pool table, beer pong table, and more. These winners were awarded a trophy as a testament to their victory.


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