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Various Updates

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Late last week Quality Games made some announcements about the status of Mir3.  This included datacenter plans, details of the installation CD, and beta details.  Here are some highlights from the news item:

Work has now been completed on commissioning the data centre and all the associated servers / firewalls. This small setup occupies 7 full height racks all interlinked with fire optics and other stuff. We can?t tell you the exact specification of the machines used or the total number but to give you an idea we have twenty four game gate servers per world set.


A few "interesting" points/features for you are that the client fits on 1 CD and can be run as a windowed application. We are also releasing Mir3 with the latest version of the game engine and client Mir3 v2 This is only just out in Korea and is a total rewrite of things and includes all the latest versions of the anti cheat/exploits programs. As for what content will be in the final release (Maps, Mobs, and Quests etc) this has yet to be "frozen" and although we have all the current Korean version content translated and ready we are more than likely to release this as small patches on a regular basis. The reasoning behind this is to "open" areas as players reach the appropriate levels to be able to explore them.


Very very tentative dates are as follows. Closed Beta Commences: 28th July. Open Beta Starts: 14 August 2004, Pay to play September 2004 (please do note these are very tentative and subject to change, we will keep you posted.)

The full news post can be found at this link.


Craig McGregor