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Interview @ LoMHQ

By Craig McGregor on September 17, 2004 | News | 0

Legend of Mir HQ has posted a new interview with "Forge" - the Community Liaison for Quality Games Online, the publisher of the upcoming MMORPG Legend of Mir 3.  Here is some of what was said.

Eraserhead: There are many rumours about certain features which aren't currently available in the version of Mir 3 we are playing now. Will any of the following be introduced in the future: player housing, fishing, armour dying, buddy list and weather effects.
Forge: hmm, it is possible. That would be down to the designers of the game. I would like nothing more than going down to the local lake with my buddies with some fishing rods and just letting the day slip by. But yes, who knows what could get added in the future. MMORPG's are seeing some weird and wonderful additions to gaming, so who knows what we may see in an upcoming episode.

Eraserhead: lol ok, but is that a 'Don't know' or a 'not telling'?
Forge: hehe. let's just call it a 'wait and see'

This interview should hopefully answer many of the questions that Mir3 fans have about the state of the game.  You can read it all at this link.


Craig McGregor